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Nancy Friedman: Get Great Service While Traveling

Nancy Friedman joins Paul to talk about decades of travel experience and the fundamentals that anyone can use to get great service while traveling. Nancy is a recognized expert on customer service and she shares with Paul her insights and tips to make travel as smooth as possible. They even talk about getting good service on the phone. 


Gary Arndt And Early Man In Israel

Travel Journalist Gary Arndt joins us on the show to talk about ancient Israel and the clues of how people lived that were left behind. If you’re interested in traveling to the Middle East, or are even just a history buff, this episode is a good one.




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Jennifer Dombrowski Finds Flying In Asia An Adventure

World traveler, Jennifer Dombrowski, visits to share her experiences recently visiting the Philippines. Her trip started in Manila for the TBEX Conference, where she spoke on her work as a travel blogger over the years. After the conference, she and her husband traveled to other places in the Philippines, including the Two Seasons Coron Island, where they got to explore the ocean with their new diving certification. Listen to the full episode below to hear more about her adventures, as well as travel tips for long plane rides from her and Paul, below as well as on her website.

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Did You Do Your Homework? Choose The Right Shore Excursion — Before You Sail

Paul and OnTravel’s Dan Forth offer tips on booking shore excursions for your cruise vacation.  Taking a few minutes to learn about your destination online or asking your travel agent a few questions will help make your trip as carefree as, well … a day at the beach.

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Leon Logothetis On Traveling America With No Money

Leon Logothetis has written a compelling book Amazing Adventures of a Nobody. As he describes his journeys that he chronicles in the book to Paul it becomes clear that he is a traveler bent on connecting with people in the most basic and kind ways. He depends on the kindness of strangers for the success of his journey and while sometimes disappointed many times he meets people who not only exemplify the best of humanity but who reveal an amazing side of the our society. He is also speaking both Jan 28 and 29 at the Los Angeles Times travel show. The Times travel show is a yearly not-to-be-missed event for anyone who enjoys travel. It’s a great way to learn about new destinations and search for bargains.

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Alternatives to Traveling with Liquids

The TSA isn’t a fans of gels or liquids. And there are some alternatives to dealing with the hassle. Here are a few of Elizabeth’s favorites …

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Make A Difference On Your Next Vacation

For many a vacation means making a difference. Thomas Pastorius, Jr., Vice President of Projects Abroad chats with Paul about a company that creates opportunities for people from all walks of life to participate in projects helping people and the planet around the world. Whether they’re observing rare bird species in The Galapagos Islands, educating communities on equality for disabled children in Tanzania, or helping reintroduce at-risk primates into the wild in Argentina, volunteers of all ages can participate in these adventure-filled opportunities.




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Below The House Of The Sun On Maui

Maui has to be one of the most varied of all the Hawaiian Islands. For some visitors there is the excitement and shops of Lahaina but for us Wailea Resort remains a special place. On the massive slopes of Haleakala, the house of the sun in Hawaiian mythology, it was the first place we visited on Maui many years ago and we still find it someplace we are drawn to. Kathleen Costello of Wailea Resort Association tells about recent developments and why the resort remains one of the most popular in the Islands. It you are into potato chips you need to listen.


Believe It Or Not This Is The Real Deal

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not has a fascinating history. There really was a Ripley. Edward Meyer maintains the tradition as he chats with Paul and Elizabeth about just what the real scoop behind one of the most fascinating collections anywhere. Everything it turns out, no matter how unusual, is real. Edward vouches for the authenticity of it all and tells some fascinating behind the scenes stories. It all began with a cartoon.