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Nancy Friedman: Get Great Service While Traveling

Nancy Friedman joins Paul to talk about decades of travel experience and the fundamentals that anyone can use to get great service while traveling. Nancy is a recognized expert on customer service and she shares with Paul her insights and tips to make travel as smooth as possible. They even talk about getting good service on the phone. 


Susan Schwartz Sips Her Way Around London

Susan Schwartz of

Susan Schwartz chats with Paul about her website bestbitsworldwide.comSusan also chronicles the best libations and dispensers thereof around the world from her base in London. She and Paul talk about London, great food and places to drink in the greatest international city on earth. 




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Travel Tips with Shane Dallas, The Travel Camel

Shane Dallas,

Shane Dallas, the “Travel Camel,” not only has visited over 100 countries in his travels, he fully immerses himself into the lives and cultures where he goes. And he always comes away from the experience changed for the better. In this episode, he joins Elizabeth to talk about tips on how to travel easier whether traveling a little, or a lot.

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Find Top-Rated Hotels Worldwide with Survey


You might think that hotel rankings are done and don’t merit much attention. But with promotional efforts and partnerships with websites, how do you know if the list you’re reading is truly telling you the best hotels out there? compiled their list of The World’s Best Hotels by surveying their global correspondents in a myriad of categories including the expected (family friendly, all inclusive) to the unexpected (best looking guests, safari lodge). Clara joins the show to share highlights from the survey, insights, and more.

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First Cruise? – The Caribbean Princess Is A Great Place To Start (Part 1)

CARIBBEAN PRINCESSPaul talks with Dan Forth about his recent voyage on the Caribbean Princess – the ship that introduced “Movies Under The Stars” to the world of cruising in 2004. Think first run movies, sporting events and concerts on the big screen – with the big sound – but at the pool.  Beyoncé, Stevie Wonder and Bon Jovi were just some of the video headliners on this trip.   On this ship you know you’re starting to get away from it all when the splashing in the pool pauses momentarily as swimmers watch the finale of Dirty Dancing.   And you know you’ve “escaped completely” when you find yourself lounging poolside, with an endless supply of ice cream …watching The Loveboat.

The Caribbean Princess is a great ship for a first time cruiser.  Regardless of how many times you’ve sailed, sometimes it’s nice to be on a ship where everything just seems to work right on all levels.  No glitches, well organized, lots of smiles from both crew and passengers.

The positive experience starts with the emails you get from Princess Cruises leading up to your cruise vacation.   They’re well thought out and include helpful reminders about special occasions you might be celebrating, shore excursions and trip planning basics.  What could have come off as a sales pitch actually gives you the impression that they are genuinely looking forward to having you on board.

Even the mandatory “muster drill” which takes place before you depart is a pleasant experience.  In addition to making sure all passengers attended, the crew actually got everyone to pay attention — a tremendous accomplishment on some ships.  You could actually see and hear the crewmembers as they provided safety information that all passengers should know.

The Caribbean Princess is a beauty.  And as large as it is, it’s surprisingly easy to find your way around – a plus for any passenger, especially a first-timer.  More to come…









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Did You Do Your Homework? Choose The Right Shore Excursion — Before You Sail

Paul and OnTravel’s Dan Forth offer tips on booking shore excursions for your cruise vacation.  Taking a few minutes to learn about your destination online or asking your travel agent a few questions will help make your trip as carefree as, well … a day at the beach.


Ziplock bags make TSA check-in faster and easier

Elizabeth offers a great travel tip on how a few Ziplock bags can make your check-in at the airport a lot easier.

Traveling with Rail Europe

Elizabeth offers some great tips on traveling Europe by rail.

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Alternatives to Traveling with Liquids

The TSA isn’t a fans of gels or liquids. And there are some alternatives to dealing with the hassle. Here are a few of Elizabeth’s favorites …