Places — Traveling In Nevada Is Filled With Scenery And Interesting People

Bethany Drysdale, Travel Nevada

Elizabeth and Paul chat with Bethany Drysdale of Travel Nevada about life beyond Las Vegas. The great expanses of land and the amazing small towns with great stories and history are part of the state beyond Las Vegas and Reno.  



Nevada Is a Cultural Wonderland

Nevada’s director of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Claudia Vecchio chats with Paul about the surprising things to do and see in the state. Although Las Vegas captures headlines and huge international attention there are fascinating small towns to visit,  museums and enough scenic wonders to fill years of adventuring. Nevada is filled with stories and Claudia shares some interesting history with Paul. Reno has a wealth of cultural events including a huge arts festival, and in another part of the state there is a unique museum where you can even learn to drive a real locomotive pulling rail cars. Check out