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Tech Lord James DeRuvo and Preserving Travel Memories

Tech Lord James DeRuvo is back to share with Paul about some great new products that travelers are going to want to preserve those “Kodak moments,” especially those pictures taken before digital cameras.

He also talks about the emerging trend of making travel video logs and the gear you can use to make yours more cinematic.

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Boingo Wifi Tips And Airport Expansion

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Paul chats about the future of airport Wi-Fi with Zack Sterngold of Boingo Wireless. They talk about the importance of wifi in keeping all of us connected during our travels. They also talk about the future of wireless not only in airports but everywhere. Boingo has acquired Advanced Wireless Group (AWG), the second largest airport Wi-Fi provider in the United States. Paul and Zack discuss how Boingo’s acquisition of AWG creates an unmatched global leader in airport wireless services, providing public Wi-Fi and cellular DAS network expertise, as well as offering a comprehensive portfolio of network enhancements that include location based services, venue analytics, and advanced roaming access via Hotspot 2.0 deployments. With expanded reach and resources, Boingo can accelerate new products to market that enhance the value of the wireless networks with actionable business data and improve the experience of passengers.

AWG operates public Wi-Fi in 17 U.S. airports including top 20 facilities Los Angeles International (LAX), Charlotte/Douglas International (CLT), Miami International (MIA), Minneapolis-St. Paul International (MSP), Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW), and Boston’s Logan International (BOS). The combined entity will operate the public Wi-Fi services in nearly 60% of North America’s top 50 airports and more than 40% of the world’s top 50 airports, representing more than 1.4 billion passengers per year across all airports. The takeaway from this interview is that for travelers Boingo is a vital travel tool.



Biscotti makes a great video chat device to travel

It’s shaped like a familiar Italian cookie, but Biscotti may be the idea travel gadget for keeping touch with friends and family, and in glorious HD to boot!  Tech Lord James DeRuvo reviews this unique device.







Jim Markel Makes The Best Luggage In The World

Red Oxx luggage is amazing. Simply the best we have found, its made in Montana and guaranteed for life it’s our choice for luggage and we have traveled with it for years. For us it is light, the perfect size for carryons and best of all easy to pack. There aren’t a lot of frills just quality and strength. Jim Markel, a former Marine rigger believe in quality and in doing business with a purpose. He has contributed to local economies in Central America and is a traveler who seeks out the best in wild places around the world. His website details some amazing adventures. Here he chats with Paul and Elizabeth about some of his adventures and his philosophy of travel.

When Only The Toughest Cases Will Do

Anyone who travels a lot knows the value of good cases for valuable stuff. Cameras, electronics, guns, just about anything you value needs the best case to protect it. We’ve been using Pelican cases to protect our stuff for years. Paul finally got the opportunity to visit the plant and see some really cool stuff. Here he chats with Lyndon Faulkner, president and ceo of Pelican in the plant in Torrance, California. Did we mention that Pelican is made in the USA and most of their stuff is guaranteed for life? Find out how Godzilla and Colossus figure into the Pelican story.

One Sim Card Wherever You Travel

If you know about sim cards then you’ll want to know about And if you don’t know about sim cards you are wasting money on phone calls over seas. The world runs mostly on GSM mobile phones and pay as you go plans with sim cards are popular in most countries rather than phones with contracts. Onesimcard provides a sim card that you can easily use in most GSM countries and since you buy it in the US it’s easy to top up. Rates are great and you can’t help but save money over taking your US carrier’s phone overseas and paying big bucks. Find out more as Paul chats with James O’Neill who takes us though why this is the best deal for travelers.

ZOMM Helps keep from losing your mobile phone

The Zomm alerts users when they're about to walk away without their phone.

If the Apple Engineer who lost that infamous iPhone 4 prototype had been using the ZOMM, he would’ve never lost it. James and Paul talk about this cool new Bluetooth phone accessory that warns you when you’re about to forget your phone.

HP Elitebook 8440p: Powerful, but bulky

With a widescreen and titantium shell, the Elitebook 8440p is more a desktop replacement than mobile laptop.James tells Traveling about the new HP Elitebook and why it makes a better desktop replacement than a traveling laptop.

Apple’s new iPods unveiled

46% smaller, the new iPod Nano has multi touch.

Apple’s new line of iPods have been announced and they’re both different and familiar, just like you’d expect.