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Steve Perillo Carries On The Family Tradition Touring Italy

Paul and Elizabeth chat with Steve Perillo, CEO of Perillo Tours, both a pioneer and a leader in escorted tours to Italy. Steve represents the third generation of the family business. And he shares how his family worked to make Italy a popular destination for American tourists after WW II. Today they are leaders in touring Italy.





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Greg Geronemus Talks About Getting The Best Deal On Your Next Tour

Greg Geronemus co-founder of Smartours  joins Paul to discuss travel costs and how to control them. Greg brings his expertise as a successful tour operator to the subject and helps to dispel myths about tours and touring. This time they discuss Cuba, Europe and Asia and why each offers unique opportunities for touring.


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The Vatican Goes HiTech With IPod Tours

In an effort to reduce noise inside some of the most holy places in Christendom, the Vatican is going hi-tech and replacing their tour guides with self guided tours on iPods.

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China Music Tour

As a musician, if you've ever wanted to play on the Great Wall, this tour is for you.

As a musician, if you've ever wanted to play on the Great Wall, this tour is for you.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of tours out there, but the Star River USA China Music Tour is one of the most interesting, especially if you’re a musician!

Cruising London

Seeing London by the classic double decker bus is a visual treat, but it can’t beat cruising the River Thames.


Should you take an Escorted Tour?

Save time, hassle and money by taking an escorted tour. And with 2009 being the 40th anniversary of the classic tour film “If it’s Tuesday, this must be Belgium,” there’s never been a better time to take an escorted tour.