Places — Shane Dallas Talks About The Czech Republic, Ostrava and TBEX

Shane Dallas joins Paul and Elizabeth to discuss the real attractions of the Czech Republic. They also talk about TBEX, and how the international conference has grown to reflect today’s changing digital media landscape. 



Rick Calvert Talks With Paul About New Media At TBEX Athens

RickCalvert-alone-BlogWorldRick Calvert, Co-founder of TBEX, the travel blogging exchange that has enjoyed phenomenal growth over the last few years talks with Paul at TBEX Athens about the impact of blogging on travel in less than a decade. TBEX focuses attention on that by bringing the world’s top travel bloggers and experts in new media together in a high energy atmosphere to exchange ideas and network. Deals have also become a large part of the culture of the show.

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Dave And Deb And Paul At TBEX Athens

IMG_7856Paul talks with digital nomads and bloggers, Dave and Deb about how blogging and traveling literally changed their lives. They talk about life on the road and new media at TBEX Athens.

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New Media Expo Is The Absolute Best Showcase

Rick Calvert joins Elizabeth to talk about the opportunities to network and learn at New Media Expo in Las Vegas in January 6 to 8. Featuring internationally famed experts in the fields of blogging, video and podcasting it’s a weekend in January that is a must for any one interested in the future of internet communications. It’s a weekend filled with tracks for most forms of new media and talks by experts who define the very world of internet communications. Regular guest on Traveling and uber-travel blogger Gary Arndt will be speaking along with Spud Hilton who has created on online presence from his role in newspapers and travel. Check out the website for the latest lineup. Also active and retired military personnel are offerred complimentary admission.


Rick Calvert On New Media And Travel

Widely regarded as one of the leaders in new media, Rick Calvert early saw the potential of new media and blogging and co-created New Media Expo and Blog World. Now with TBEX he is showcasing the explosive growth of travel blogging. Paul and Elizabeth chat with Rick about the growth of new media and how it is revolutionizing the world of travel.

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Everything Everywhere Travel Blogger Gary Arndt Talks TBEX And Blogging

Gary Arndt joins Paul and Elizabeth to talk about “the most valuable meeting of it’s kind” and other impressions of Tbex. Gary also shares with us his thoughts on what makes a successful blog and the importance of story telling to blogging. As one of the most successful bloggers and photographers in the new media world of travel, Gary talks about how he got started.

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Johnny Jet Talks Airline Travel And Tbex

Johnny Jet checks in with Paul and discusses his recent travels and his experiences since his last appearance on Traveling. He shares some tips on travel and talks about TBEX. Even a immigration officer in Canada knows about TBEX.