Places — Nancy Light Talks Touring California Wineries And Sustainability

Nancy Light

Nancy Light of the California Wine Institute chats with Paul and sustainable practices in California wineries and reports that wineries are gearing up for visitors this year to show off sustainable practices and trends in organic wine making with Down To Earth Month and other events.





People — Gene Seroka Works In One Of The World’s Great Ports

The Port of Los Angeles is huge. It is literally the gateway to and from Asia for much of the goods imported into America. In one month the port may process more than 700,000 container units. Thousands of trucks and dozens of two-mile long trains move containers into and out of the port every day. It’s economic impact is felt in every state in the U.S.

The Port of Los Angeles is also embarking on  a new waterfront for visitors which will provide an upclose look at the ships and port not seen elsewhere. 

Gene Seroka, executive director of the Port of Los Angeles joins Paul to tell the story behind huge container ships carrying more than 20,000 containers, the need to build bigger cranes to handle bigger ships and the amazing speed and efficiency of the workings of the harbor which few ever see.



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Tallman Hotel

The Tallman Hotel in Clear Lake, California with its antique charm and settled in an unspoiled wilderness area gives you a taste of what life was like in the old West. Paul and Liz talk to Bernard and Lynne Butcher who saved it for travelers to enjoy.


September is Wine Month in California

Nancy Light Small Program sizeSeptember is a perfect time to visit California. If you are one of the millions planning a visit, you might think of choosing the month when the thousands of wineries in the state put out a special welcome mat. Around the state wineries have special programs celebrating wine month. Check out Discover California Wines to find out everything about this special time in California. Also listen here to Nancy Light of the California Wine Institute chat with Paul and Elizabeth about California wine and visiting the wine country through the state.

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Inviting The World To California

Beteta_Caroline_Google.jpgCaroline Beteta,CEO of VisitCalifornia has shaped a message that resonates around the world. California is a place where dreams do come true and you can realize your dreams while visiting California. She talks with Paul and Elizabeth about the opportunities in marketing the iconic image California has to the world. It seems that everyone does want to visit California but that sometimes they need an invitation geared to their interests and dreams. She has created video campaigns that project energy and most of all the possibility of fulfilling visitor’s dreams in California. We discuss the creative processes that go into creating the California Dream.

You’ll also hear Karin King give us the lowdown on what visas are needed and what procedures should be followed by visitor and resident alike when traveling to and from the U.S., Karin is with the U.S. State Department, so she speaks with accuracy.

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Voices From The Past Features Lee Stetson As John Muir In Yosemite

lee  color  full body sit Valley viewLee Stetson has brought thousands of visitors to Yosemite National Park into the storied world of preservationist John Muir who did so much to bring attention to the plight of wilderness areas in the West. Actor Lee Stetson talks with Paul and John Poimiroo as John Muir and then as himself about his role in bringing Muir to life. The continuing series Voices From The Past is produced by John Poimiroo and Paul Lasley and is a regular feature on Traveling.

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Fall Color in California Lasts for Months — A New Series With John Poimiroo

Image 1Correspondent John Poimiroo reports on travel and events in and around California and the West and our National Park system. But his passion is fall color in California. We’ll have this series of reports as long as color lasts. John’s website is the most accurate and comprehensive source for color in the state so we link to that with every report for far more information than we can feature here. Here’s a current report from John:

Brilliant reds among the aspen of the high eastern sierra is this week’s fall color story.  High winds may strip trees that have already turned color, though it should not affect those that haven’t.  The show continues to be best between 8,500’ and 10,000’ in elevation in the Eastern Sierra.  Richard McCutcheon also provides a folkloric prediction from Plumas County in this week’s report.

A dusting of snow last weekend coated upper peaks in white, providing colorful contrast for spectacular photographs.

More red and orange is being seen among quaking aspen, this year.  That’s unusual and a reason to travel now to see this special show.  (photos are available on request). One of the more spectacular areas reported is in Mono County along upper Green Creek Road, where quaking aspen are deep red and have covered the forest floor with a confetti of yellow, orange, green and red aspen leaves.

Here’s the latest from California’s color spotters.


Mono County

GO NOW! – 75 – 100% – Rock Creek Lake – Alicia writes, “Undaunted by recent wind and snow, the color shines on at Rock Creek in southern Mono County, particularly the upper section of Rock Creek Road at Rock Creek Lake where the red and orange hues are dazzling.”

GO NOW! – Mammoth Lakes– Color spotter Christie Osborne reports high areas surrounding Mammoth Lakes were dusted with a couple of inches of snow this past weekend, as an early storm passed over California.  The snow did little to change the steady progression of color at Mammoth Lakes, which has now begun to descend from the high country.  She reports, “More color is starting to show in Mammoth Lakes at the base of the Sherwin’s, in Town and at resort levels. Also look for color starting to break at the base of the Sherwins and near Sherwin Creek Campground, and expect to see more yellow flowing down canyons.”

GO NOW! – 75 – 100% – Above 8,500’- Now at full peak

GO NOW! – 50-75% – Approaching Peak – Elevations above 8,000

30-50%  – Elevations Above 7,000 – Lots of lime and yellow, some orange, more than half the forest has not yet changed color.

GO NOW! – 75 – 100% – Virginia Lakes – The early snowfall on Saturday, Sept. 21 created the perfect backdrop to the fall color along Virginia Lakes Road.  Color spotter Bruce Wendler cautions that winds have stripped turned trees of their leaves, though he found beautiful color along the Dunderberg Meadow Rd.  High winds are the nemesis of turned trees and could affect color by the weekend among trees that have already turned.  High winds will mean, the show will drop by 500 to 1,000′ from the elevations at which they’re now appearing.

GO NOW! – 75 – 100% – Green Creek Road – A  stand of astonishingly red aspen are to be viewed along upper Green Creek Road.  Take Virginia Lakes Road from the top of Conway Summit (US 395 between Lee Vining and Bridgeport) and watch for the sign to Green Creek Road to the right/north. Green Creek is a wide dirt road in excellent shape and the color is magnificent right now.  75% at upper elevations; 30% at lower elevations.

0 – 15% – Conway Summit – Still hovering at 15%, though keep track of reports, as this beautiful area can turn quickly once it begins to flush.

0 – 15% – June Lake Loop – The spectacular June Lake Loop is just starting to get into the spirit of the season — still mostly lime green and yellow — but colder temperatures in coming nights should act as the perfect catalyst to nudge the June Lake area along.  A dusting of snow on high peaks surrounding Silver Lake and the other June Lakes promises to provide some incredible scenes in coming weeks as the color turns below.

Inyo County

All areas above 8,500’ up the Bishop Creek Canyon (west of Bishop) are at full peak.  Areas between 8,000 and 8,500’ are approaching peak.


15 – 30% – Plumas County – Richard McCutcheon reports that the town buckeye has turned in Quincy and says, “When the buckeye tree changes, you know fall colors are not far away.”


There’s Always A Reason To Celebrate Wine In California

Nancy-069v2While September is an official Wine Month in California any month is a great excuse to do some wine traveling and tasting in California. With thousands of wineries almost any place you visit will probably be growing grapes and have some wine to taste.  Nancy Light of the California Wine Institute joins Paul to discuss this years harvest and why the fall is a perfect time to visit wineries throughout the state.

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Affordable Skiing In California With John Poimiroo On Mt Shasta

ImageRegular correspondent John Poimiroo checks in with some great tips on affordable skiing in California and the West. The area around Mt Shasta in Northern California has great skiing and the prices are as low as the crowds. It’s the way skiing used to be before $100 lift tickets. Plus you get the incredible scenery and even a bonus at Lassen National Park. In far Northern California,  the Shasta Cascade region is huge,  covering 20% of California, and there is enough to do and explore to fulfill just about anyone’s interests. From glistening lakes and world-class rivers to scenic drives and backcountry roads, the Shasta Cascade provides something for everyone to discover and enjoy. The region can provide great recreation, adventure or pure relaxation – the perfect escape from the fast pace of city life. Come and enjoy the uncrowded, unspoiled wide open spaces where you will have the chance to Explore, Reflect, Refresh, Discover and Bond. Start planning your vacation now by exploring the website,

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California Fall Color

California has the longest fall color of any state in the U.S. Color begins in the High Sierra in September and in different parts of the state can be found into December. Correspondent John Poimiroo joins Paul to provide his first look at the California fall color season. He’ll be providing updates in the coming weeks. For the latest in Fall Color in California check out californiafallcolor. com.