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Roger Dow President of U.S Travel Association Talks Improving TSA

Roger Dow CasualRoger Dow chats with Paul and Elizabeth about a recent study that points out ways in which the TSA can improve with very little effort. The study points out the about a third of TSA funds are diverted to other uses. 

Since the Transportation Security Administration’s inception in 2001, the agency has been tasked with a difficult but critical job: protect our nation’s transportation systems and travelers while processing them as efficiently as possible. The men and women of the TSA have done a remarkable job keeping America safe for 15 years. The agency’s mission, however, has been rendered more challenging in recent years, thanks to political and budgetary turmoil, resulting in agency staffing shortages, long lines at airport checkpoints and other frustrations. The agency has improved its performance despite the tumultuous policymaking environment, but it must continue to evolve to meet the demands of a constantly shifting security landscape—and in doing so, provide a more streamlined travel experience for all U.S. flyers.  Read More…

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Roger Dow Of U.S. Travel Talks Travel And Food

Roger Dow CasualRoger Dow, President and CEO of U.S. Travel joins Paul and Elizabeth to talk about the state of travel today and how the initiative to welcome overseas travelers is going. We also talk about the need to modernize airports in the US and how much states and cities in the U.S. benefit from the long political election season. Then the talk swings to food one of the major reasons people travel. Roger and Paul talk bacon festivals while Elizabeth pushes for persimmons.

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Behind The Scenes At One Of The World’s Busiest Airports. DFW

! Sean Donohue - March, 2014 - USE FOR ALL COMMUNICATIONSDFW International Airport CEO Sean Donohue joins Paul and Elizabeth to begin a new feature looking into what makes a great airport. Millions of people a year move through DFW International Airport and Sean Donohue talks about what goes into making an airport a good part of the travel experience. From the efforts to make travel easier for military families to creating and maintaining the huge runway system this is a look at just what goes into airports today.

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Boingo Wifi Tips And Airport Expansion

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Paul chats about the future of airport Wi-Fi with Zack Sterngold of Boingo Wireless. They talk about the importance of wifi in keeping all of us connected during our travels. They also talk about the future of wireless not only in airports but everywhere. Boingo has acquired Advanced Wireless Group (AWG), the second largest airport Wi-Fi provider in the United States. Paul and Zack discuss how Boingo’s acquisition of AWG creates an unmatched global leader in airport wireless services, providing public Wi-Fi and cellular DAS network expertise, as well as offering a comprehensive portfolio of network enhancements that include location based services, venue analytics, and advanced roaming access via Hotspot 2.0 deployments. With expanded reach and resources, Boingo can accelerate new products to market that enhance the value of the wireless networks with actionable business data and improve the experience of passengers.

AWG operates public Wi-Fi in 17 U.S. airports including top 20 facilities Los Angeles International (LAX), Charlotte/Douglas International (CLT), Miami International (MIA), Minneapolis-St. Paul International (MSP), Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW), and Boston’s Logan International (BOS). The combined entity will operate the public Wi-Fi services in nearly 60% of North America’s top 50 airports and more than 40% of the world’s top 50 airports, representing more than 1.4 billion passengers per year across all airports. The takeaway from this interview is that for travelers Boingo is a vital travel tool.


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Johnny Jet Talks Airline Travel And Tbex

Johnny Jet checks in with Paul and discusses his recent travels and his experiences since his last appearance on Traveling. He shares some tips on travel and talks about TBEX. Even a immigration officer in Canada knows about TBEX.


Speedy Boarding Procedures At American Airlines

American Airlines Vice President of Airport Services tells Paul and Elizabeth how American created a boarding process that not only speeds up things, but has also resulted in more space for carryon luggage. They also talk about American’s efforts to provide priority seating opportunities and the airline’s policy for boarding uniformed service personnel first.


Ziplock bags make TSA check-in faster and easier

Elizabeth offers a great travel tip on how a few Ziplock bags can make your check-in at the airport a lot easier.

Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner delivered

Designed and tested completely by computer, Boeing has delivered it’s first 787 Dreamliner to ANA.


Los Angeles Times Behind The Scenes At LAX

Chris Erskine, deputy travel editor of the Los Angeles Times, spent about a month at LAX (off and on) for a look at LAX – how it runs, who’s in charge, what’s behind the scenes. He chats with Paul about his experiences and just what it takes to make an airport that hosts 60 million fliers a year operate. From the Airport Police to the TSA and into the Control Tower Chris shares the inside story of LAX.


Registered Traveler Program Still An Expensive Failure

A few years back, the TSA launched their registered traveler program, and it failed miserably. Now it’s back in the hands of the private sector and it’s not only still a dud, but an expensive one at that. Paul has the details …