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Jennifer Dombrowski Finds Flying In Asia An Adventure

World traveler, Jennifer Dombrowski, visits to share her experiences recently visiting the Philippines. Her trip started in Manila for the TBEX Conference, where she spoke on her work as a travel blogger over the years. After the conference, she and her husband traveled to other places in the Philippines, including the Two Seasons Coron Island, where they got to explore the ocean with their new diving certification. Listen to the full episode below to hear more about her adventures, as well as travel tips for long plane rides from her and Paul, below as well as on her website.

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Behind The Scenes At One Of The World’s Busiest Airports. DFW

! Sean Donohue - March, 2014 - USE FOR ALL COMMUNICATIONSDFW International Airport CEO Sean Donohue joins Paul and Elizabeth to begin a new feature looking into what makes a great airport. Millions of people a year move through DFW International Airport and Sean Donohue talks about what goes into making an airport a good part of the travel experience. From the efforts to make travel easier for military families to creating and maintaining the huge runway system this is a look at just what goes into airports today.


Anne Banas Doesn’t Fly The 787 But Does The Caribbean Affordably

annebanas.jpgOne cold day in winter regular contributor to Traveling, Anne Banas, executive editor of Smarter Travel set out to fly to Poland on a brand new LOT 787 from Chicago. Alas she never made it as the plane was grounded before she got there. Another day in the life of a travel editor. However, all was not lost since Paul, Elizabeth and Anne spent the time talking about deals in the Caribbean and if any good deals exist while shopping in the islands. The beauty of travel is no matter what the weather you can always find something warm to talk about.

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Boingo Wifi Travel Tip

boingo logoWe introduce a new contributor Christian Gunning a senior executive at Boingo, the great wifi service for travelers around the world. Christian will provide regular reports on new developments in wifi as well as tips for travelers about using wifi while traveling. Christian chats with Paul and Elizabeth about a new Boingo service which provides a secure VPN with just the click of a mouse. This is a huge development for wifi security for travelers who may not have their own VPN. Paul and Elizabeth also report on traveling during the holiday season. Tips and tricks for helping to cope with crowds, flying and travel in general whatever the holiday.

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Johnny Jet Talks Airline Travel And Tbex

Johnny Jet checks in with Paul and discusses his recent travels and his experiences since his last appearance on Traveling. He shares some tips on travel and talks about TBEX. Even a immigration officer in Canada knows about TBEX.


Walking To New Zealand Aboard An Air New Zealand Flight

Ever wonder what it would be like to work as a flight attendant on a long haul flight? Paul finds out as he interviews the flight crew of an Air New Zealand Los Angeles to Auckland non stop flight. He finds an amazing group of Kiwis who are dedicated to their jobs and who love flying. Paul talks with crew in business class and economy and learns just why Air New Zealand has earned a reputation as one of the world’s great airlines.

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LA Times’ Christopher Reynolds On London Olympics And Times Travel Show

Los Angeles Times, travel writer, Christopher Reynolds chats with Paul about events surrounding the London Olympics including the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June. Paul and Chris also talk about the opportunities to learn more about travel and photography from the award-winning journalists at the Los Angeles Times Travel Show, later this month.


Speedy Boarding Procedures At American Airlines

American Airlines Vice President of Airport Services tells Paul and Elizabeth how American created a boarding process that not only speeds up things, but has also resulted in more space for carryon luggage. They also talk about American’s efforts to provide priority seating opportunities and the airline’s policy for boarding uniformed service personnel first.


Visiting Taiwan With Trust Lin

Paul and Elizabeth chat with Trust Lin of the Taiwan Tourism organization about visiting Taiwan. They talk about the Lunar New Year and fireworks, Taiwanese food and dining, and the scenery of places like Taroko Gorge. Taiwan is an often overlooked destination but visitors re discovering world class spas and and country that is fairly easy to get around with high speed rail and good roads. EVA Air has flights to Taiwan from major world gateways.

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Air New Zealand And Long Haul Flying

Air New Zealand is one of the world’s great carriers and since New Zealand is located, well where its located, every place Air New Zealand flies is pretty much a long haul flight. Paul and Elizabeth chat with Roger Poulton, vice-president of Air New Zealand about ways to make long flights more comfortable and why Air New Zealand is one of the world’s innovative airlines.