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  • carnival cruise

    Getting 26,000 Crew Members Home and Other Untold Cruise Stories

    Carnival Cruise Line‘s Vance Gulliksen joins Paul and Elizabeth to reveal a behind-the-scenes look at the enormous achievement of repatriating all 26,000 crew members from 119 countries after ocean cruising halted because of the coronavirus pandemic. Also, where do you park a cruise ship when it’s not being used, and how do you maintain it? […]

  • Berlin Brandenburg Airport

    Berlin Outdoors: The City’s Green Spaces

    Berlin‘s Kirsten Schmidt joins Paul and Elizabeth to reveal the outdoor pleasures of the city’s green spaces. The city has 2,500 parks, where people can stroll and easily practice social distancing. You can even visit a beach bar along the river. Plus, a preview of the Berlin Brandenburg Airport (also called Willy Brandt), scheduled to […]

  • Aquarium Of The Pacific

    Virtual Education While Sheltering in Place

    Travel journalist Terry Gardner joins Paul and Elizabeth to discuss virtual education opportunities we can all take advantage of while staying safe at home. You can attend the Mushroom Academy and learn about the health-giving benefits of those fungi. Mushroom coffee anyone? Plus, a free virtual kids’ camp from the Aquarium of the Pacific and […]

  • heritage barbecue

    Real Texas Barbecue Comes to San Juan Capistrano

    Heritage Barbecue‘s Daniel Castillo joins Paul and Elizabeth to salute the art and craft of great barbecue. Daniel is chef and pitmaster at Heritage Barbecue in San Juan Capistrano, California, bringing true Texas-style barbecue to Southern California. He represents a new generation of pitmasters who are enhancing traditional barbecue techniques with modern touches, such as […]

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