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Nancy Friedman: Get Great Service While Traveling

Nancy Friedman joins Paul to talk about decades of travel experience and the fundamentals that anyone can use to get great service while traveling. Nancy is a recognized expert on customer service and she shares with Paul her insights and tips to make travel as smooth as possible. They even talk about getting good service on the phone. 



The Bears That Travel For An Education

The bears that travel and for hundreds of school kids in the U.S. they are their window on the world of geography. The Traveling Teddies program, a creation of the Society of American Travel Writersprovides dozens of cuddly bears who report back to classrooms on their travels. Teachers and parents need all of the help they can get in preparing young people for the global environment and these fuzzy little creatures do that, while sharing history, science and languages and of course, geography in a fun and friendly manner.


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Jennifer Dombrowski Helps Military Personnel Travel

We met Jennifer Dombrowski through an interview with Johnny Jet and we are totally grateful. Jennifer is in Northern Italy with her Air Force husband and they’ve been there for three years and looking forward to more time in the region. Jennifer and Tim travel as much as they can and try to find new and interesting places. Currently they are discovering small towns in Slovenia but they’ve been to Svalbard near the North Pole to drive dog sleds and are planning trips to Iceland and Dubai. They are taking advantage of being posted abroad and Jennifer is helping other personnel learn how to travel and enjoy the perks of being in another country. She recently started a “Lunch and Learn” series on the base. The first one featured festivals in Italy.

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Did You Do Your Homework? Choose The Right Shore Excursion — Before You Sail

Paul and OnTravel’s Dan Forth offer tips on booking shore excursions for your cruise vacation.  Taking a few minutes to learn about your destination online or asking your travel agent a few questions will help make your trip as carefree as, well … a day at the beach.


Cruising Travel Brochures

Cruise brochures are nice to look at, but a travel agent insures it’s a voyage of a lifetime.


Ziplock bags make TSA check-in faster and easier

Elizabeth offers a great travel tip on how a few Ziplock bags can make your check-in at the airport a lot easier.

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Alternatives to Traveling with Liquids

The TSA isn’t a fans of gels or liquids. And there are some alternatives to dealing with the hassle. Here are a few of Elizabeth’s favorites …

Alternatives To Bland and Expensive Airline Food

The New York times has a great article which consults Food Network star Melissa d’Arabian, and other chefs on how to brown bag it when traveling to avoid high priced airline food with poor taste. d’Arabian, advises that since taste buds dull at high altitudes, to be sure to over season food you bring on board. And not only because of altitude. Research shows that the noise coming from airline engines also has an affect on how eater’s experience the flavor of their foods. Other options? After the jump …

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Five Things You Should Always Do While Traveling … Part 5

It often pays to research your destination so you can keep you and your family safe on vacation.

It often pays to research your destination so you can keep you and your family safe on vacation.

TRAVEL SAFELY. Knowing where to avoid dangerous locations at your destination is but one way to keep yourself safe on vacation. Paul has a few more tips ….


Five Things You Should Always Do While Traveling … Part 4

Airfare sites are a great place to score a travel deal? But Travel Agents often find deals that aren't advertised online.

Looking for an inside travel deal? Check out AirfareWatchDog.com

FLY SMART. AirfareWatchdog.com is a great place to find a great deal for flying to your vacation destination but your travel agent may have an inside track.