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People — Marybeth Bond Finds Walking In France A Way To Meet Great People

Marybeth Bond joins Paul to talk about the joys of walking and hiking through the South of FranceOn Foot Holidays  an English walking company, offers 30+ self-guided walking tours in Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Portugal, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, England, Turkey, Bulgaria, Czech R, Austria.

The walking tour may be done with a guide or customized just for you and friends.  The hikes are graded for difficulty and there are often shortening options. You will only carry your lunches, while your luggage was transferred to the next night’s accommodation.  A map with route instructions, all hotel reservations, breakfasts, most dinners and lunches were provided by On Foot Holidays.







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Shane Dallas Arab Travel Market


Travel Camel, Shane Dallas, is back to talk about the Arabian Travel Market and when is a good time to visit the Middle East and Africa. 

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Janice Wald Henderson Travels to India


Travel to India is high on a lot of traveler’s bucket lists. Janice Wald Henderson visits the show to to share her recent experiences traveling to India. Most people choose to travel India one of two ways: backpacking and through in hostels, or with a luxury tour. Janice booked her trip through Cox and Kings which has been traveling to India since 1758. She shares about the vibrancy of the culture and insider travel tips to make any bucket list trip a success.

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The Current State of Iran Travel


Known as one of the cradles of civilization, Iran is a destination rich in history and amenities, but cloaked in misconceptions. In this episode, Steve Kutay from IranLuxuryTravel.com visits to talk about the historic locations, ski resorts, and more, while tackling some of these misconceptions. While many Americans assume travel is restricted, you only need a simple visa. Steve also talks about safety and the history of where these misconceptions arose.

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Greg Geronemus Smartours

Trinidad-4When planning travel, especially international travel, it’s always best to have an idea of what the current state of international travel is around the world. Greg Geronemus from smarTours gives an update regarding travel to Cuba (which since the podcast was recorded, embargo travel restrictions have changed), Japan, Africa, and Europe, as well as deals, the strength of the U.S. dollar, and more.

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Alternatives to Traveling with Liquids

The TSA isn’t a fans of gels or liquids. And there are some alternatives to dealing with the hassle. Here are a few of Elizabeth’s favorites …


The Fine Print of Rental cars while Traveling

When traveling, rental cars are very useful. But the devil is in the details, so listen up to Paul’s tips about renting a car, especially overseas.

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Passport Confusion

New passport requirements initially created a ton of confusion for new applicants concerned with privacy violations. But it turned out to be much ado about nothing thanks to social media. Paul has the details.

Smarter Travel With Anne Banas

Anne Banas just got back from Europe ...

Executive editor of Smarter Travel, Anne Banas, joins us with tips on traveling to Europe.