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High Speed Rail Comes to Florida


Coming Summer 2017 is a high speed rail connecting Central and South Florida. The first phase of the Brightline railway will connect Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. Brightline estimates travel from Miami and Fort Lauderdale in 30 minutes, and Miami to West Palm Beach in 60 minutes. Phase two plans to extend the route to Orlando. With around 20 million people living in Florida and 100 million tourists a year, this presents an alternate way for people to see the state and lessens the number of cars on the roadway.

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Traveling with Rail Europe

Elizabeth offers some great tips on traveling Europe by rail.


Traveling to Portland Maine on the DownEaster

Great scenery, fantastic WiFi, and great staff. For Paul and Elizabeth, traveling on the Amtrak DownEaster to Portland, Maine is a pleasant adventure.

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Great Southern Rail Journeys

The Ghan, The Indian Pacific, the Overland and the Southern Spirit are some of the trains that enthusiasts love to discuss. Paul chats with Renee Cornelissen of Great Southern Rail to learn about their newest train the Southern Spirit and also what it is like taking trains across Australia.