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Travel and technology walk hand in hand. From Ipads to laptops, James DeRuvo gives us the latest on technology for the mobile world.

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What To Do If Your Phone is Lost or Stolen

OTs Tech Lord of the Universe James DeRuvo joins us to talk about what happens if your iPhone is lost or stolen while you’re on vacation and how you can try and get it back. Also, a visit to San Diego ComiCon!


Traveling overseas with your smartphone

James DeRuvo joins Paul and Elizabeth to talk about some cool travel apps for the iPhone, the perils of social networking while traveling, and why it pays to buy an International Data Roaming Package before taking your iPhone overseas.

Apps featured: Onavo Data Compression and Word Lens. Paul suggests Transperfect. Plus, getting a temporary SIM card from OneSimCard.com.

When Only The Toughest Cases Will Do

Anyone who travels a lot knows the value of good cases for valuable stuff. Cameras, electronics, guns, just about anything you value needs the best case to protect it. We’ve been using Pelican cases to protect our stuff for years. Paul finally got the opportunity to visit the plant and see some really cool stuff. Here he chats with Lyndon Faulkner, president and ceo of Pelican in the plant in Torrance, California. Did we mention that Pelican is made in the USA and most of their stuff is guaranteed for life? Find out how Godzilla and Colossus figure into the Pelican story.

One Sim Card Wherever You Travel

If you know about sim cards then you’ll want to know about OneSimCard.com. And if you don’t know about sim cards you are wasting money on phone calls over seas. The world runs mostly on GSM mobile phones and pay as you go plans with sim cards are popular in most countries rather than phones with contracts. Onesimcard provides a sim card that you can easily use in most GSM countries and since you buy it in the US it’s easy to top up. Rates are great and you can’t help but save money over taking your US carrier’s phone overseas and paying big bucks. Find out more as Paul chats with James O’Neill who takes us though why this is the best deal for travelers.


The Vatican Goes HiTech With IPod Tours

In an effort to reduce noise inside some of the most holy places in Christendom, the Vatican is going hi-tech and replacing their tour guides with self guided tours on iPods.

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Social Media Changing The Way People Travel

Social media applications on smartphones are changing the way we travel. With access to smartphone applications that can get travelers a cab, find a nearby restaurant, and even where the best deal is on a cup of coffee, travelers are not only finding they can get the information they need, but they can get help by others using the same apps. Suddenly, the lonely business traveler is no longer alone in a strange city wondering what to do or where to go.

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The Latest in Luggage and Gear

Journalist Laurie Borman reports from the recent Travel Goods Show in Chicago on the latest travel luggage trends and what’s new in travel gear. Paul and Elizabeth also talk with Laurie about the world of travel writing and the Society of American Travel Writers a group dedicated to providing professional standards for working travel journalists today. To see more of the work of the Society check out www.satw.org


Momondo is the Travel Search Engine That Can

Paul talks with Martin Lumbye, one of the Danish geniuses behind one of the best search engines we have found, momondo.com. You find airline deals you won’t find anywhere else and sometimes on airlines you might not have heard of. We thought you’d like to see a screenshot of the site. It won’t be scrambled when you log on. Listen and you’ll find out just what the word momondo means.