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Travel and technology walk hand in hand. From Ipads to laptops, James DeRuvo gives us the latest on technology for the mobile world.


Skiing In The West — LA Times Travel Show

Los Angeles Times columnist Chris Erskine talks with Paul about great skiing in the West. Chris discusses some lesser known resorts that offer less crowded slopes. They also talk about the upcoming Los Angeles Times Travel Show where you can access a wealth of travel information and find tips on photography with prize winning photographers and talk travel with real experts.


Editing your vacation videos with Adobe Premiere Elements 10

Adobe has come out with some great new features in Premiere Elements 10 that promise to make editing those vacation videos really easy. A push of a button easy. Tech Lord James DeRuvo gives us the details.

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Johnny Jet On Getting The Best Hotel Deals

John E. DiScala (a.k.a. Johnny Jet) travels around 150,000 miles and visits over 20 countries each year. He and his website JohnnyJet.com have been featured over in more places than you can count. It’s has been named “one of the top best money-saving web sites for travel” by Budget Travel Magazine, while the L.A. Times calls it “one of the top 10 essential travel resources on the internet.” Here he returns to Traveling to chat with Paul and Elizabeth about the benefits of hotel loyalty programs like HiltonHonors.



Traveling tablets

Is the Toshiba Thrive a good choice for tech savvy travelers? Maybe not. While the Toshiba Thrive has great, cinematic wide screen display and some decent hardware, the Android operating system still isn’t ready for prime time. Tech Lord James DeRuvo gives us his review.


Jim Markel Makes The Best Luggage In The World

Red Oxx luggage is amazing. Simply the best we have found, its made in Montana and guaranteed for life it’s our choice for luggage and we have traveled with it for years. For us it is light, the perfect size for carryons and best of all easy to pack. There aren’t a lot of frills just quality and strength. Jim Markel, a former Marine rigger believe in quality and in doing business with a purpose. He has contributed to local economies in Central America and is a traveler who seeks out the best in wild places around the world. His website details some amazing adventures. Here he chats with Paul and Elizabeth about some of his adventures and his philosophy of travel.

Dave Scott Connectivity

Dave Scott, one of the principals of 3WayStreet. Travels a lot. Here he talks with Paul and Elizabeth about recent trips to South Korea, Canada, China and the United States and the difficulties of staying connected and working with computers on the road.


Lights, Camera, Travel With Celebrities

Ever wonder how celebrities travel and what they think about traveling? This new book from Andrew McCarthy and Don George lets you into the world of celebrity in a way few books can. As an actor and director as well as accomplished travel journalist Andrew was able to open doors to Alec Baldwin, Brook Shields and others. Don George who is one of the most respected travel editors today got access to literary figures and others who tell very authentic stories of their travels. This is not the stuff of press releases and carefully filtered images. Paul and Elizabeth chat with Andrew and Don about the book and how it came to be. Check out all the great books from Lonely Planet.


Magisto draft

You can edit your vacation videos online thanks to Magisto.  On Travel’s Tech Lord James DeRuvo fills us in.


Saying hello to the iPhone 4S and Siri

Apple makes a tidal wave sized splash with the iPhone 4s. But it would surprise some to realize that this new iPhone is merely an incremental update. Is it a great option for travelers? Absolutely because it’s now a world phone. And it’s an even better camera. James DeRuvo has the details on this new phone and it’s dynamic new digital assistant SIRI.