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Travel and technology walk hand in hand. From Ipads to laptops, James DeRuvo gives us the latest on technology for the mobile world.

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Hertz Never Lost Travel Apps

Now here’s a great idea. Pair up a rental car company with a dedicated mobil app that covers 11 travel apps that sync with Hertz’ wireless nav system and you have the idea behind these My Explore travel apps. Paul chats with Graham Weedon from Navigation Solutions about the apps and the applications and usefulness they add to the Hertz Never Lost system. The apps allow users to drill down into a city and find the most unique tours – from the “Hangover” tour in Vegas … to the Beatles tour in NYC as well as explore other features of each city from special events to augmented reality, attractions and more.  Plus, Hertz provides help with trip planning by allowing for download codes that can be entered from the phone and into the GPS rental unit for routing to specific places you want to find, as well as an audio feature which shares great sound bites of travel facts and history. The first city download is free and the additional cities are $.99.

City apps include: Dallas-Fort Worth, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami-West Palm, New York, Sacramento-Northern California, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, Boston and Washington, D.C.


Biscotti makes a great video chat device to travel

It’s shaped like a familiar Italian cookie, but Biscotti may be the idea travel gadget for keeping touch with friends and family, and in glorious HD to boot!  Tech Lord James DeRuvo reviews this unique device.







On Travel Tech Review: Samsung Galaxy Note

It’s a tablet, it’s a phone, it’s a Phablet!  OnTravel’s Tech Lord, James DeRuvo, is back to review the new Samsung Galaxy Note.

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The Man Behind The Best Travel Clothes

Paul and Elizabeth talk with Scott Jordan the creative force behind some of the most innovative travel clothing we’ve found. We’ve owned Scottevest products, a blazer and two jackets for several years. Then a few months ago we saw Gary Arndt wearing this cool jacket and he said we had to talk with Scott. Funny how the world runs in circles. The jacket is called the Transformer and Scott tells us how it works and what makes it special. Paul’s blazer has stood up to the rigors of the road for several years and although he hasn’t tried to carry a laptop in one of the huge pockets he doesn’t doubt that he could. The clothes just don’t wear out and with the patented pockets and a bunch of other features they are perfect for travel and especially traveling light. One carryon and a Scottevest jacket or blazer is all we travel with.


2012 Travel Goods Show — Laura Daily

Our consumer correspondent Laura Daily, spent a few days in Las Vegas searching the halls of the Travel Goods Show and scoping out the latest trends in luggage. Wheels rule and both soft and hard side luggage is vying for consumer popularity. Laura find some trends and discusses the state of luggage with Paul. Paul remains on the eternal quest for the perfect luggage. He is also one of the last people in the known universe to remain wheelless.

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Leon Logothetis On Traveling America With No Money

Leon Logothetis has written a compelling book Amazing Adventures of a Nobody. As he describes his journeys that he chronicles in the book to Paul it becomes clear that he is a traveler bent on connecting with people in the most basic and kind ways. He depends on the kindness of strangers for the success of his journey and while sometimes disappointed many times he meets people who not only exemplify the best of humanity but who reveal an amazing side of the our society. He is also speaking both Jan 28 and 29 at the Los Angeles Times travel show. The Times travel show is a yearly not-to-be-missed event for anyone who enjoys travel. It’s a great way to learn about new destinations and search for bargains.

Safe at CES

A review of the best gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and why your router may not be as safe as you think it is. Also … cutting the cable!


Wireless printing with Epson’s NX Stylus printers

The new Epson NX430 All in one wireless printer is a surprising addition to your home photo studio. With the ability to print, scan and copy, it could be a very good tool for making quick vacation prints. Also, making your own vacation books with Keepsy, and choosing your airline seat mate via Facebook? James joins Paul with the details.


Conversation With Tripadvisor’s Steve Kaufer

Steve Kaufer the creator and CEO of Tripadvisor , joins Paul and Elizabeth to discuss the success of taking the world’s largest travel site public. Steve talks about the beginnings and the challenges along the way. He also discusses how Tripadvisor has revolutionized the travel experience for millions and how transparency in the process of choosing hotels, through informed crowd sourcing, has evolved. He also talks about how the Tripadvisor family of companies has grown and helped change other components of the travel experience from cruising to choosing the best seats on a plane.


CES Preview

OnTravel Tech Lord James DeRuvo previews the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, aka NerdStock.