Dan Forth blogs about the world of travel as he sees it.
Travel and technology walk hand in hand. From Ipads to laptops, James DeRuvo gives us the latest on technology for the mobile world.


Lights, Camera, Travel With Celebrities

Ever wonder how celebrities travel and what they think about traveling? This new book from Andrew McCarthy and Don George lets you into the world of celebrity in a way few books can. As an actor and director as well as accomplished travel journalist Andrew was able to open doors to Alec Baldwin, Brook Shields and others. Don George who is one of the most respected travel editors today got access to literary figures and others who tell very authentic stories of their travels. This is not the stuff of press releases and carefully filtered images. Paul and Elizabeth chat with Andrew and Don about the book and how it came to be. Check out all the great books from Lonely Planet.


Magisto draft

You can edit your vacation videos online thanks to Magisto.  On Travel’s Tech Lord James DeRuvo fills us in.


Saying hello to the iPhone 4S and Siri

Apple makes a tidal wave sized splash with the iPhone 4s. But it would surprise some to realize that this new iPhone is merely an incremental update. Is it a great option for travelers? Absolutely because it’s now a world phone. And it’s an even better camera. James DeRuvo has the details on this new phone and it’s dynamic new digital assistant SIRI.

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Live (To And) From New York – It’s The Carnival Miracle

Sailing Into Manhattan on The Carnival Miracle: Approaching The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge At Sunrise

Sailing from mid-town Manhattan, past the Statue Of Liberty on your way to the Caribbean — it doesn’t get much better than this. Well, that’s if you don’t count the singular sensation of sailing back into New York after a week on a Carnival “Fun Ship”. Dan Forth tells us about his experience aboard the Carnival Miracle Fun Ship along with his impressions of what it’s like to take a Carnival cruise. (Part 1)


Los Angeles Times Behind The Scenes At LAX

Chris Erskine, deputy travel editor of the Los Angeles Times, spent about a month at LAX (off and on) for a look at LAX – how it runs, who’s in charge, what’s behind the scenes. He chats with Paul about his experiences and just what it takes to make an airport that hosts 60 million fliers a year operate. From the Airport Police to the TSA and into the Control Tower Chris shares the inside story of LAX.


Affordable Vacations Are a Hot Topic

Jane Wooldridge, joins Paul and Elizabeth to discuss the book she co-authored with Larry Bleiberg on affordable places to vacation in North America. There are some surprises as Jane describes how she and Larry drew on their expertise as travel editors and the recommendations of knowledgeable friends to find the 100 Best Affordable Vacations. It’s not just about budget places but rather they chose destinations that offered great value in this National Geographic book.


Boingo WiFi Where You Need It Most

Paul chats with Christian Gunning of Boingo about traveling and connectivity on the road. Boingo has more than 325,000 wifi hotspots around the world and with a single program you can connect almost everywhere. Boingo works on almost every platform and with all smartphones.


Welcome To The Twilight Zone Of Travel: Ads From The 1968 New Haven Railroad Timetable

Oh, how times have changed. I can imagine Mad Men’s Don Draper reading this timetable a few seasons from now. Yes “fellows”, the “little woman would just love to accompany you on some of your business trips” and “busy herself (as only a woman can) — shopping, book-browsing…” Wow.

I’m also reasonably certain that most of today’s train passengers don’t want to know the answer to “Does Your Group Grope?” Remember this timetable is from the sixties – so, as you can see, you could choose to find your “innerspace” instead. Groovy.

However, some things really don’t change . After following the debt ceiling crisis and debate drama, surely some travelers would like to visit Washington, DC to “shake the hand of their Congressman.”