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Travel and technology walk hand in hand. From Ipads to laptops, James DeRuvo gives us the latest on technology for the mobile world.


Boingo Wifi Tip For May

boingo logoChristian Gunning joins us with an update of where wifi is going and for the traveler it’s good news. Christian joins us regularly at OnTravel to share his expertise about travel and wifi.

Boingo’s award-winning Wi-Fi service offers access to more than 600,000 Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide across the company’s aggregated global network, spanning more than 100 countries in partnership with more than 125 Wi-Fi network operators. The Boingo Wi-Finder app helps users find premium Boingo hotspots and the best available free hotspots worldwide through a color-coded location directory, and helps them connect securely using the Boingo VPN. 


Boingo’s Christian Gunning Provides Tips For WIFI And Travel

boingo logoBack from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Christian Gunning of Boingo shares the latest intel on wifi from the world largest mobile conference. He stresses the importance of making sure you know how much it will cost to roam for data with your cell provider. Make sure you know how to turn roaming off in your cell phone. He reports that there should be progress in the coming years with carriers recognizing the importance of wifi in modern smartphones.  He offers tips to save money on accessing wifi when traveling in other countries.

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Learn To Live In The Outdoors With NOLS

bruce_palmer_cropBruce Palmer joins Paul and Elizabeth to talk about outdoor survival skills and the lessons to be learned from the outdoors. National Outdoor Leadership School classes range from two weeks to a full academic year. Classes are attended by a diverse cross section of students. The minimum age is 14 and there have been students in their seventies. You do learn outdoor survival skills but the impact of the classes offer far more. Students come away with greater self-knowledge as well as an assurance that they can achieve more than they ever felt they could. And NOLS offers classes around the world. NOLS operates in some of the most incredible locations on Earth. 

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Jennifer Dombrowski Found An Island She Doesn’t Want To Leave

Dombrowski 1Jennifer Dombrowski, blogger and global traveler checks in with Paul and  Elizabeth about her recent travels. She and husband Tim spent New Years in Iceland to see the spectacle of bonfire, fireworks, and formal parties. Earlier they visited an island in the Maldives they wanted to stay in forever.  Here’s a great introduction to Jennifers blog:

Best Dozen Posts of 2012

Every now and again, blog post roundups take the travel blogging world by storm. We don’t participate often, but when we were nominated by Women on the Road to share our Best Dozen Posts of 2012, it seemed like a great way to reflect on the last year. Especially since we officially just celebrated our one year blogaversary of the launch of JdombsTravels.com. So here are our Best Dozen Posts of 2012:

1. Most Popular Post

One of the great things about living so close to Venice is discovering all the best festivals that you’ve never heard of. Perhaps that’s why our post on the Festa del Redentore was our most popular post in 2012. I discovered the festival back in 2010 when I spent six month exploring all the off-the-beaten-path towns and festivals in Italy. Venetians are still celebrating the end of the plague in a massive party culminating in a 45-minute long firework display. We now go every year.

2. Most Helpful Travel Tip

After near daily messages from readers, I compiled all my best tips for Easy Ways to Save on Your Next Flight into one post. Tips like when the best time to search for flights, when sales are released, and how to use split fares (one of my favorite ways ever to save BIG) gave the Festa del Rendentore post a run for its’ money.  Read more:

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Andrea Sachs Goes On Safari For Moose In Maine

6a00d8341c7be853ef0133f37a0182970b-320wiThese moose are locked in eternal combat in a window at the LL Bean store in Freeport Maine. Andrea Sachs went on a moose safari in Northern Maine near Moosehead Lake.  She and Paul talk about moose encounters both real and imagined over the years. Her story in the Washington Post is a fascinating and very entertaining account of her moose safari in Maine. Here’s how it begins.

In Maine, follow that moose— Ed Mathieu pulled the Jeep to the side of the road, the tires rumbling on the icy gravel. He jumped out, walked purposefully around the vehicle and squinted at the crusty snow. As he bent down for a closer look-see, I recognized his intense expression as the same one I’d seen on the faces of trackers on safaris in the wilds of Canada and Africa. Ed was staring at the past, described in a trail of footprints: A moose had been here. Now if only he could predict the future: that I would see a marvelous Maine moose. Setting out from Portland for the two-hour drive north, I was buoyed by the odds. According to state wildlife biologists, 75,000 moose reside in Maine, with about 1.3 moose per square mile in the Moosehead Lake vicinity. I knew from an earlier conversation with Ed, who runs Moose Country Safaris & Eco Tours, that we were going to canvass a wide swath of wooded land and shoreline near the lake. Since moose typically roam within a two- to four-mile radius, I imagined a veritable petting zoo of Bullwinkles. Read how it turned out



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Peter Knego Knows More About Cruise Ships Than Just About Anybody

pkritaSailing with cruise ship expert Peter Knego on the Carnival Breeze gives Paul and Elizabeth a chance to hang out and talk with the renowned author, videographer and ship antiquarian. Knego is one of the few people from the outside to have actually visited and filmed the ship breakers in Alang, India. His passion is recording the cruise fleet today and working to record the historical record of the great classic liners of the past. Born in Los Angeles, CA in 1960, Peter’s interest in passenger ships started in 1973 when he was assigned to research the LUSITANIA for an American History course. In early 1974, he began visiting and photographing nearly every liner and cruise ship that came to Los Angeles, beginning with P&O’s SS ARCADIA, and continues to do so to this day. While he was at UCLA, Peter took his first “serious” cruises, beginning in 1980 with American Hawaii’s newly-rechristened SS OCEANIC INDEPENDENCE. Every year thereafter, he made it a point to sail in an elderly passenger ship until the early 1990s, when he furthered his mission to seek out and document every “forgotten” liner left in the world. In 1992, Peter traveled to Greece to visit the forlorn and soon to be lost former SS AMERICA. Further travels included a 14 night voyage aboard ACHILLE LAURO just a few weeks before she was destroyed by fire; trips to the Ukraine to document the former Cunard twins LEONID SOBINOV and FEDOR SHALYAPIN; an extended “tour” of the Far East to cover aging liners in Japan and China; a visit to the US Reserve Fleet in VA to document the nuclear ship SAVANNAH; a special expedition to the Philippines to see the former Italian liner MV AUGUSTUS; and back to China for the former ANCERVILLE and ORIANA. Dozens more ships have followed over the years.

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Boingo Wifi Travel Tip

boingo logoWe introduce a new contributor Christian Gunning a senior executive at Boingo, the great wifi service for travelers around the world. Christian will provide regular reports on new developments in wifi as well as tips for travelers about using wifi while traveling. Christian chats with Paul and Elizabeth about a new Boingo service which provides a secure VPN with just the click of a mouse. This is a huge development for wifi security for travelers who may not have their own VPN. Paul and Elizabeth also report on traveling during the holiday season. Tips and tricks for helping to cope with crowds, flying and travel in general whatever the holiday.


Gary Arndt Checks In From NMX

Our global travel correspondent Gary Arndt of Everything-Everywhere chats with Paul and Elizabeth about his presentation at New Media Expo on how to compete with billion dollar companies on the web. They also talk about their favorite hotels and why they often don’t have 5 stars. Also Gary has a new free ebook of 100 of his best photographs

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New Media Expo Is The Absolute Best Showcase

Rick Calvert joins Elizabeth to talk about the opportunities to network and learn at New Media Expo in Las Vegas in January 6 to 8. Featuring internationally famed experts in the fields of blogging, video and podcasting it’s a weekend in January that is a must for any one interested in the future of internet communications. It’s a weekend filled with tracks for most forms of new media and talks by experts who define the very world of internet communications. Regular guest on Traveling and uber-travel blogger Gary Arndt will be speaking along with Spud Hilton who has created on online presence from his role in newspapers and travel. Check out the website for the latest lineup. Also active and retired military personnel are offerred complimentary admission.


Red Oxx Is Growing

We have said it for years. Red Oxx luggage and bags are simply the the best available. Guaranteed for life. Built to last forever. Ultimately practical this is the luggage for anyone who spends time on the road for whatever reason. Paul and Elizabeth chat with the creator, Jim Markel who talks about why Red Oxx has earned it’s reputation and how that has translated into a thriving company that recently expanded it’s headquarters in Billings, Montana where nearly everything is made. We have two Air Boss bags and wouldn’t leave home without them. And you’re right they don’t have wheels which allows us to stow them easily in bins where wheels don’t always fit and move rapidly through buildings and terminals with stairs and no elevators.