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Travel and technology walk hand in hand. From Ipads to laptops, James DeRuvo gives us the latest on technology for the mobile world.

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Remembering All Your Strong Passwords

This is an amazing program. It isn’t cheap but it does somethings few other programs can. And it does it well. It saves your passwords and then makes it easy to insert them in the places where you need strong passwords. This makes it easy to do what we all need to in this world of hacking, create and use strong passwords for each site we visit. Using super strong encryption 1password is available at the Mac App Store. Paul chats with David Chartier  about how the program works and also what we all need to be doing to protect our identities on the web. Check out the web site at agilebits.com

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California Fall Color

California has the longest fall color of any state in the U.S. Color begins in the High Sierra in September and in different parts of the state can be found into December. Correspondent John Poimiroo joins Paul to provide his first look at the California fall color season. He’ll be providing updates in the coming weeks. For the latest in Fall Color in California check out californiafallcolor. com.


Rick Calvert On New Media And Travel

Widely regarded as one of the leaders in new media, Rick Calvert early saw the potential of new media and blogging and co-created New Media Expo and Blog World. Now with TBEX he is showcasing the explosive growth of travel blogging. Paul and Elizabeth chat with Rick about the growth of new media and how it is revolutionizing the world of travel.

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LA Times Ebook Is Perfect Guide To Southern California

Los Angeles Times writer Christopher Reynolds chats with Paul about his new Ebook So Cal Close Ups. It’s a collection based on articles that he did for the paper over a period of many months. Not only are there tips for planning a vacation but insights into Southern California that simply aren’t in other guides.

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Courtney Scott, Senior Editor At Travelocity Shares Summer Travel Tips

Travelocity‘s Courtney Scott talks about holiday travel. Summer remains the top travel season and she shares some insights about great deals. She and Paul talk about tips for traveling with pets and also children. During the busiest travel season it’s smart to research your travel on sites like Travelocity , which is an online travel agency. They also talk about the new Disney CarsLand at Disney’s California Adventure in California.

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Candy Harrington’s New Book About Travel For The Disabled

Paul and Elizabeth chat with Candy Harrington about her new book, Twenty Two Accessible Road Trips. Candy is an authority in the field of travel for the physically challenged and here she discusses that today there really shouldn’t be barriers to travel for anyone. They also discuss international travel and even travel by cruise ship for people with several disabilities.


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Cheryl Metiva Talks Summer Festivals In Alaska Magazine and Milepost

How far do they drop a moose at the Talkeetna Moose Dropping Festival? How many rubber ducks are actually found floating on Alaska Rivers? And is it true the sun never sets on Fairbanks in the summer? Oh yes and can you really enjoy a day at the beach in Homer? Find out all this and more as Paul chats with Traveling’s Alaska expert, Cheryl Metiva. Do you know how to throw a salmon and why would you want to?

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Survival Techniques From Survival Expert Creek Stewart

Creating a bug-out bag for your home and car in case of emergency makes a lot of sense but Creek Stewart has great tips for things you should always include when you travel, things that might save your life as well as just make life more comfortable. And he has soem persuasive ideas for why it’s wise to travel with checked baggage especially when planning an active adventure trip.

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Everything Everywhere Travel Blogger Gary Arndt Talks TBEX And Blogging

Gary Arndt joins Paul and Elizabeth to talk about “the most valuable meeting of it’s kind” and other impressions of Tbex. Gary also shares with us his thoughts on what makes a successful blog and the importance of story telling to blogging. As one of the most successful bloggers and photographers in the new media world of travel, Gary talks about how he got started.

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Johnny Jet Talks Airlines and Travel Tips

Johnny Jet joins Paul on Skype from Toronto to talk about his latest travels and how the trend is to more pampering in the sky. Johnny talks about flying the A380 Airbus on a number of routes and airlines in the past few months. He shares an experience on Qatar Airlines which offers a great experience in the air. And reports on Porter Air which offers an exceptional in air experience and lands at the Toronto airport that’s almost downtown.