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Travel and technology walk hand in hand. From Ipads to laptops, James DeRuvo gives us the latest on technology for the mobile world.

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Book Passage Offers Great Gifts For The Holidays And Beyond

Elaine Petrocelli

Elaine Petrocelli, founder of Book Passage, a world-class bookstore in Corte Madera and San Francisco, California, chats with Paul about books that make great gifts for the traveler on your list, before or after the holidays. Book Passage celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Elaine also reveals the year-round learning opportunities the bookstore offers, including author talks and signings, seminars, and workshops, such as the annual Travel Writers and Photographers Workshop each August, led by award-winning writer/editor Don George. Learn from Don and other luminaries of the travel literary spectrum such as authors Tim Cahill and Jeff Greenwald, and photographer Robert Holmes. Learn how to reveal your inner author or publisher.


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Margie Goldsmith Bikes The Sierra Nevada And Yosemite


Correspondent Margie Goldsmith talks with Paul about a recent trip on a BMW motorcycle from San Francisco to Yosemite and through the California Gold Country and the Sierra Nevada. She discusses some hair raising adventures on the back of her husband’s bike on some backroads. It’s an adventure combining thrills and even some luxury. But mostly it’s about incredible scenery.


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Phocuswright Buzz And A New App With A Future

sina-shekou-headshotSina Shekou talks about the future of digital travel and Planchat. A new travel app that brings convenience and ease to travel with small groups.It’s not about group travel but rather a way for friends and family to easily plan a trip together. And you’ll find maps outlines of possible experiences and thought and comments for those who are planing trips and memorable experiences.


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Gary Arndt Hangs With Polar Bears In Canada

EasterIsland Gary Arndt

Global Travel Correspondent Gary Arndt has just returned from one of the most remote national parks in Canada. He spent days in a tundra buggy hotel watching polar bears in their natural environment, while they wait for the Arctic ice sheet to reform so that they can return to hunting seals. 



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Simon Lehmann On Travel Tech From Phocuswright 2016

hotelplan / foto:philipp rohner

hotelplan / foto:philipp rohner

Simon Lehmann joins Paul and Elizabeth from Switzerland to talk about one of the world’s leading conferences focusing on the present and future state of digital travel at Phocuswright 2016. Simon has a global view of the digital travel world and as president of Phocuswright he discusses the advances that he sees in the world of travel technology. 


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Jennifer Dombrowski And Christmas In France

Dombrowski 1Jennifer Dombrowski chats with Paul and Elizabeth about Burgundy wine auctions and tastings in Beaune, France. And then the talk turns to Christmas in France and specifically Bordeaux where the local Christmas Market is only a two minute walk away. France celebrates the holidays with joy and decorations but also with food. And for Christmas there is always bouche del noel the lavish cake shaped like a Christmas log. 


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Memorable Travel Through The Eyes Of Our Military Part 2

Sergeant First Class Nick Waddell, U.S. Army; Petty Officer First Class Stephen Hale, U.S. Navy; Staff Sergeant James Barrett, U.S. Army; Petty Officer Second Class MacKenzie Adams, U.S. Navy

Sergeant First Class Nick Waddell, U.S. Army;
Petty Officer First Class Stephen Hale, U.S. Navy;
Staff Sergeant James Barrett, U.S. Army;
Petty Officer Second Class Mackenzie Adams, U.S. Navy

In what is becoming an annual tradition Paul and Elizabeth talk with members of our American Forces about travel and special experiences they have had with people and places around the world.[podcast src=”https://html5-player.libsyn.com/embed/episode/id/4892297/height/0/width/0/theme/standard/autonext/no/thumbnail/yes/autoplay/no/preload/no/no_addthis/no/direction/forward/” height=”” width=””]

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Roger Dow President of U.S Travel Association Talks Improving TSA

Roger Dow CasualRoger Dow chats with Paul and Elizabeth about a recent study that points out ways in which the TSA can improve with very little effort. The study points out the about a third of TSA funds are diverted to other uses. 

Since the Transportation Security Administration’s inception in 2001, the agency has been tasked with a difficult but critical job: protect our nation’s transportation systems and travelers while processing them as efficiently as possible. The men and women of the TSA have done a remarkable job keeping America safe for 15 years. The agency’s mission, however, has been rendered more challenging in recent years, thanks to political and budgetary turmoil, resulting in agency staffing shortages, long lines at airport checkpoints and other frustrations. The agency has improved its performance despite the tumultuous policymaking environment, but it must continue to evolve to meet the demands of a constantly shifting security landscape—and in doing so, provide a more streamlined travel experience for all U.S. flyers.  Read More…

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Learn About North America’s First Floating Brewery

John Carpenter visits the show to talk about the world of brewing. The Red Frog Pub aboard the Carnival Vista is the first floating brewery in North America, brewing its beer on board the ship. It partners with Miami’s Concrete Beach Brewery to create unique beers for its guests. John talks about the on-board pub as well as beer brewing around the world, including history, types of beer, and even health benefits.

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Celebrate U.S. National Park History at BBC.com


To celebrate the U.S. National Park’s 100th anniversary, BBC.com has created a series on the national parks. Anne Banas, travel editor at BBC.com, visits with Paul and Elizabeth to talk all things National Park. While the beauty of the landscape is an exciting draw, this series focuses on the people that make the parks unique. From rangers, employees, and other volunteers that keep the parks up-and-running to sharing their passion and stories with visitors, the people across the U.S. who work at the parks make them special places to travel to. Anne shares highlights from the series as she talks with Elizabeth and Paul.