Dan Forth blogs about the world of travel as he sees it.
Travel and technology walk hand in hand. From Ipads to laptops, James DeRuvo gives us the latest on technology for the mobile world.

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How Google Maps The World

podsquare_LPaul and Elizabeth chat with Daniel Sieberg, a Google technologist about how Google maps the world. It’s a glimpse into how technology has changed the way we view the world and how we travel. Can you carry a 40 pound backpack camera? Google just gave maps a big upgrade and we’ll follow up on a future show.

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Eating Sustainable Seafood Will Help To Save The World’s Oceans

podsquare_LPaul and Elizabeth interview experts at the Monterey Bay Aquarium with Seafood Watch an organization dedicated to making us all aware of the possible death of the world’s oceans unless we stop stripping the seas of every edible fish.

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Bradt Guide Creator Hilary Bradt Tells How It All Started

hilarybradt200x220Hilary Bradt joins Paul and Elizabeth to talk about her 40 year career in publishing some of the best travel guide books in the world, The Bradt Guides. It all started with a trip to Peru and her curiosity. She wondered what was down a path leading from Machu Picchu. This year check out a special tour she is leading to even more remote sites in Peru that rival that iconic destination and are visited by only the most knowledgable travelers.

This is from her website: When Hilary Bradt and her then husband George set out on their travels in South America in 1973, little could they have realised that the journey which they were embarking on would lead to the creation of what has become one of the most esteemed travel publishing companies in the world. Hilary and George wrote their first guide on a river barge floating down a tributary of the Amazon. Since then, the company has grown slowly but consistently – each title adding something new and worthwhile to the ever-increasing range of guides available.

Today Bradt has a reputation as a pioneer in tackling ‘unusual’ destinations, for championing the causes of sustainable travel (we call it Travelling Positively, and for the high quality of its writing.  Our books are as much travelogues as travel guides. Each is a one-of-a-kind expression of the author’s interests, personality, expertise and passion for telling it how it really is. We now have an impressive portfolio of country, regional, UK and wildlife guides. In 2012 we launched our new series of travel narratives including the revival of the wildlife classic, The Marsh Lions and the tale of a journey around Ireland by our very own Hilary Bradt, Connemara Mollie.

Our attention to quality has brought many awards including:

    • Sunday Times Small Publisher of the Year Award 1997
    • Gold award in the Wanderlust Best Guidebook Awards in 2009 and 2011
    • Best guidebook series 2010 – The Oldie
    • Trade Publisher of the Year Commendation 2011 – Independent Publishers’ Guild
    • Top recommended travel guide publisher 2011 Which? magazine survey
    • BGTW best article – on Hungary, by Bradt Publishing Director Adrian Phillips, in the Independent on Sunday
    • BGTW best guidebook – for Yukon by Polly Evans
    • LATA Travel Writer of the Year 2010 – Mike Unwin (author of 100 Bizarre Animals, editor of Pantanal Wildlife)
    • Best Guidebook, Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism (USA) – Iceland by Andrew Evans
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Jennifer Dombrowski Talks Travel Fulfilled And Hoped For

Dombrowski 1Paul and Jennifer talk travel. As Jennifer is into her second year as one of our correspondents we thought it only fitting to let you in on why she is such a valuable contributor to Traveling. Johnny Jet introduced us and since then we’ve benefited by Jennifer’s great expertise and also her understanding of the world we live in. Jennifer’s website and blog, jdombstravels.com is not only a source of accurate travel information (trust us that isn’t always the case when it comes to blogs) but it’s also written with a sensitivity to our men and women serving around the world. But perhaps Jennifer says it best in this from her website:

We’re Jennifer and Tim and we love adventure and we love wine, so we often try to combine the two! By day, you’ll find us out on some crazy adventure like snorkeling in Iceland in winter, but by night, we’re creatures of comfort. We both work full time, so we bring you practical tips for how anyone can fit travel into their busy lives – just like us! So far, we’ve visited 48 countries on 3 continents, lived in the United States and Italy, and Tim has lived in Korea. And we do it all while both holding down full time careers, Jennifer as a communications manager and social media strategist at a university and Tim as an active duty service member in the US Air Force. That’s how much we love travel. We can hardly stand to stay home in Italy for too long; wanderlust always gets the best of us. Travel has literally changed our lives, strengthened our marriage, and challenged us beyond our wildest dreams. Living by our motto “Live a Life of Adventure,” we’re here to prove to you that travel isn’t at all intimidating, there’s much more to see and do than that guide book you picked up shows you, and that you can balance a life of travel with your career. The travel will never stop for Jennifer and Tim. Our bucket list continues to grow with far flung places on this beautiful planet and we’re continually working toward our goal to become full time travelers once Tim retires from the Air Force. Join us as we show you how you can live a life of adventure! We’re always happy to offer our advice, so send us an email or leave us a note on our Facebook page.

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Audrey Peterman On The Impact Our National Parks Have On Individual Lives

Our-True-Nature-Cover-web 2Audrey & Frank Peterman have toured some 170 units of the National Park System and scores of Forests and Wildlife Refuges in lives dedicated to showing how the National Parks in the U.S. have impacted and continue to influence lives for good. Here she and our parks correspondent John Poimiroo talk with Paul about the value of our parks and they share personal experiences in the parks that have helped shaped their lives. Here’s some background on one of our most fascinating guests:  Audrey Peterman is President and Co-founder of Earthwise Productions, Inc., an environmental consulting and publishing firm focused on connecting the public lands system and the American public. Since 1995, Earthwise  has generated multiple stories in media ranging from the African American-focused National Newspaper Publishers Association and the Tom Joyner Morning Show to Audubon magazine and MSNBC’s Weekends with Alex Witt. From Wall Street to small rural neighborhoods, Audrey and her husband Frank are credited with making millions aware of the National Park System and its relevance to their lives. Having crisscrossed the country visiting close to 170 of the spectacular natural, cultural and historic treasures in our country’s 401–unit National Park System, the national -award winning environmentalist is a role model for the citizen involvement that she promotes.  She brings a unique understanding of what motivates people of color at the grassroots level to reconnect with the outdoors. She has been instrumental in helping break down some of the systemic barriers which perpetuate current conditions of inequitable use and benefits, with Americans of color on the low end of the scale.


Bonding In Las Vegas Requires A Tattoo

Dick's Restaurant - HatsCorrespondent, Molly Blaisdell talks with Paul about a unique trip to Vegas where she spent quality time with her soon-to-be 21 year old daughter. There are some surprises including a trip to a shooting range. Of course there is the tattoo experience so listen to Molly’s amazing adventures.

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Anne Banas Of Smarter Travel Checks Out The Best Pastries Around The World

2013-Anne-BanasAnne Banas, Executive Editor of Smarter Travel and travel correspondent here at OnTravel, chats with Paul and Elizabeth about the 14 best pastries for the holidays around the world. They discuss great pastry experiences and why the holidays are the best time to experience great pastries. Anne is of course a pastry chef, as well as being a top editor and lends a certain culinary delight to her conversations here. And we should say tht during this interview Paul and Elizabeth were munching their first slice of Loison, panettone from Italy. It’s made with Late Mandarin of Ciaculli of Palermo in Sicily. There is nothing quite like it and it’s a tradition here at OnTravel.


Mark McGuire Talks About How Nextt Aims To Bring Humanity Back To Social Media

Nextt-MarkMcGuire-CEO-HeadshotMark McGuire chats with Paul about a new concept in social or perhaps non-social media. NEXTTcreated by McGuire and co-founder Emmanuel Buah might just change social media and make it more human. McGuire says social networks are great for staying up to date with everyone, but consuming the lives of others on our screens leaves a lot less time for living in the real world. Nextt is a dedicated place for real friends to create the future together — what they’re going to do next—and make spending quality time in person a priority again. These are some of the thoughts behind NEXTT.

Nextt simplifies the social planning process with a set of pre-calendar tools, letting friends share ideas and iron out all of the details—the who, what, when and where—in private, so potential plans don’t get lost in e-mail, group chat messaging or voicemail and slip through the cracks. In contrast to other social networks that focus primarily on sharing the past with a large group of  digital followers, Nextt organizes a user’s future activities with a smaller group of in-person friends, making it easy to create, keep and follow through on actual plans together.

Here’s how Nextt works:

• People can easily capture ideas of things to do in the real world, for instance “weekend in the city” or “couples date night,” without finalizing the details first
• Users have complete control over who sees their content: ideas can be kept private, as a personal bucket list, or shared with specific friends to gauge interest and start planning
• To keep potential plans from slipping through the cracks, Nextt offers a number of pre-calendar tools, including a “To Do” section, fluid time ranges, reminders, and “nudges” that help organizers push plans across the finish line
• Friends don’t need accounts to start using Nextt. Invites are delivered via text or email and link to a dedicated group space for ironing out the details
• Once all of the details are set, ideas become plans and an “It’s On!” confirmation is delivered to members, reflecting the social dynamics of real world planning
• Nextt is accessible on iPhone, iPod touch, online and mobile web so friends can connect and make plans on the fly.

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Boingo Wifi Tips And Airport Expansion

boingo logo

Paul chats about the future of airport Wi-Fi with Zack Sterngold of Boingo Wireless. They talk about the importance of wifi in keeping all of us connected during our travels. They also talk about the future of wireless not only in airports but everywhere. Boingo has acquired Advanced Wireless Group (AWG), the second largest airport Wi-Fi provider in the United States. Paul and Zack discuss how Boingo’s acquisition of AWG creates an unmatched global leader in airport wireless services, providing public Wi-Fi and cellular DAS network expertise, as well as offering a comprehensive portfolio of network enhancements that include location based services, venue analytics, and advanced roaming access via Hotspot 2.0 deployments. With expanded reach and resources, Boingo can accelerate new products to market that enhance the value of the wireless networks with actionable business data and improve the experience of passengers.

AWG operates public Wi-Fi in 17 U.S. airports including top 20 facilities Los Angeles International (LAX), Charlotte/Douglas International (CLT), Miami International (MIA), Minneapolis-St. Paul International (MSP), Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW), and Boston’s Logan International (BOS). The combined entity will operate the public Wi-Fi services in nearly 60% of North America’s top 50 airports and more than 40% of the world’s top 50 airports, representing more than 1.4 billion passengers per year across all airports. The takeaway from this interview is that for travelers Boingo is a vital travel tool.


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Marybeth Bond Travels With Adventure In Mind And She Is Truly Gutsy

gutsy_sMarybeth Bond is an extraordinary traveler. Her book, has inspired countless women and some men no doubt to embrace adventure at all levels when they travel. Here she chats with Paul about the qualities that make a gutsy traveler, man or woman.

Marybeth Bond is the “go to” expert for women travel, travel tips, travel advice and travel stories. She is a National Geographic author, (10 books),  contributor to PBS, LA Times, USA Today, CNN, National Geographic, Fox News and more. She knows her subject well.  She’s traveled to over 100 countries. From the Explorers Club in New York City to international conferences in Thailand, Switzerland and Malaysia, Marybeth has spoken to business groups, sales meetings, and conventions worldwide. Marybeth and her book Gutsy Women was featured on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”.