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Shane Dallas Checks In From Nairobi

Shane Dallas is back, visiting the show from Nairobi. Shane has recently completed a feat he never thought possible: visiting 100 countries. On this show, he shares some details about traveling to Nairobi in 2017, traveling to Indonesia, and his 100th country. Having heard of travel to Iran in the early 90s, but not having had a chance to visit, it was an ideal place for his 100th country. Shane tells us about the amazing people, culture, and sights he witnessed on his trip. For more details, visit his website and listen to the full episode below.


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Killer Shrimp is Cool in Marina Del Rey

Kevin Michaels, owner of the restaurant Killer Shrimp in Marina Del Rey, California visits the show to talk to Paul and Elizabeth about his restaurant and more. The restaurant, which opened about 20 years ago, is based on Kevin’s dad’s secret shrimp recipe. Nestled in the Marina Del Rey harbor, it’s the only location with a “dock and dine” offering, allowing people to dock their boats and come into the restaurant. Kevin also shares about the growth and future of the marina, views on sustainable seafood, and more in the episode below.


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David Lyon Covers European Travel…For Geniuses

Whether you’re planning your first or twenty-first trip to Europe, being up-to-date on the newest travel trends and tips is vital. David Lyon visits the show to share his expert tips from his and his wife Patricia Harris’s new book “European Travel for the Genius.” David talks with Paul and Elizabeth about what sets this book apart from other travel books, as well as shares vital travel tips. From how to discern online reviews and ratings, to airline selection advice, even the most seasoned traveler has something to learn. Listen to the full episode below for more.[podcast src=”https://html5-player.libsyn.com/embed/episode/id/5041776/height/0/width/0/theme/standard/autonext/no/thumbnail/yes/autoplay/no/preload/no/no_addthis/no/direction/forward/” height=”” width=””]

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Gary Arndt Travels To National Parks In Nevada

Gary Arndt visits the show to share his most recent adventures in his goal to see (nearly) all the National Parks in the United States. Recently he visited Nevada to explore Great Basin National Park. Arndt shares his experiences and tips for traveling to destinations in Nevada outside of Las Vegas. He also spent time at the new Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument (new since 2014). Listen to the full episode below and view Arndt’s photography on his website.


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Voices From The Past With An Architect Who Helped Shape Southern California Style

Kurt Cyr brings famed architect Alfred Frey to life. Frey was one of the seminal architects who helped to create modernist architecture in Palm Springs, California in the 50s and 60s. Kurt Cyr’s company Palm Springs Mod Squad offers tours and insights into Modernism in Palm Springs. Modernism Week in the desert community attracts thousands each February. For more information on visiting the area check out Visit Greater Palm Springs



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Douglas Ward Talks River Cruising And His Book

Douglas Ward visits the show to talk with Paul and Elizabeth about all things river cruising. Ward has been publishing books on cruising for 32 years, is a leader in the cruising industry, and has recently expanded his expertise to river cruising. On the show he shares his experiences, talks about his new book, as well as covers new trends in river cruising (such as the recent expansion in the US and Southeast Asia). Listen to the full episode below to learn more.

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Insiders And Experts Talk About The Real Need For Travel And Medical Insurance

Beth Godlin, Aon Affinity Travel Practice president joins Paul at Phocuswright 2016 in Los Angeles to discuss travel safety and also the need for travel insurance. She speaks of changes in travel as well as the emerging demand for travel experiences. They talk about the sharing economy as well. Talking with Beth provides an insight into the developing world of travel from a global perspective. She also provides an expert assesment of the need for different types of travel and medical insurance. Elizabeth joins Paul to discuss the nuts and bolts of travel insurance.



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Margie Goldsmith Experiences Pure Luxury in Portugal

OnTravel Correspondent Margie Goldsmith visits our show once again, this time to share her experience cruising on the Douro River in Portugal. Margie traveled on the Scenic Azure with Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours, an experience that was nothing short of luxurious. Margie shares details on what she calls a “6 star experience” on the all-inclusive ship. In addition to the amenities, Margie shares stories of her travels through the various cities in Portugal visited on the cruise. Hear her exciting experiences firsthand in the episode below.

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The Man Behind the Myth: Buffalo Bill

When you think of the wild west, you’re often met with visions of cowboys in open land, riding their horses, and herding cattle. While much of that has faded away with time, Cody, Wyoming preserves the authentic western life. Claudia Wade visits the show to share insights, stories, and fascinating trivia about Buffalo Bill, once the most famous man in the world thanks to his Wild West Show. In the episode below, listen to her tell the accounts of history surrounding the myths and learn more on the Cody website.

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Gary Arndt Visits The Country Of Tuvalu

Once again Gary Arndt visits our show to share his travel tips, experiences, and more. Recently, Gary visited one of the smallest countries in the UN (based on population): Tuvalu. Located in the Pacific, between Australia and Hawaii, this country has just shy of 10,000 people, split between 9 islands (only accessible by boat, other than the capital Funafuti). Gary shares his experience visiting the country as well as visiting his favorite area on earth: the Pacific. Hear more about his experiences in Tuvalu in the full episode below, and read more on his website.  

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