Dan Forth blogs about the world of travel as he sees it.
Travel and technology walk hand in hand. From Ipads to laptops, James DeRuvo gives us the latest on technology for the mobile world.

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James DeRuvo Has Great Suggestions for Tech This Christmas And Visiting Disney

James DeRuvo chats with Paul about celebrating a Disney Holiday! From Halloween to New Year’s, Disney has the ideal family entertainment to put you into the spirit!

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Award Winning Photographer And Travel Writer Eric LIndberg Shares Photo Tips

eric lindberg coppercanyonPhotographer Eric Lindberg joins Paul to cut through the gadget haze about taking great travel photographs. They discuss equipment that you need and don’t need. Why amateurs often waste money on equipment and the art of photography. Eric has been honored twice by the Society of American Travel Writers as photographer of the year. Occasionally, he leads tours and teaches travel photography.

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David DeVoss Travels To Places You Won’t Believe

David DeVoss, Ur, IraqVeteran journalist David DeVoss joins Paul to talk about the recent Global Business Travel conference in LA. David also works for various agencies that take him to places like Kabul and Baghdad. He talks about the changes he has seen in both places and also the dangers of traveling in certain parts of the world. David is the person you go to when you need to find a good source for accurate reporting. He can also recommend a restaurant in Kabul. For some interesting videos on projects in the Middle East check out East West News Service.

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Magneto Is A New App That Promises And Delivers Time Saving Features

founders_gadiGadi Shamia, heads up a startup company, Magneto Calendar that promises not only to sync your calendars, let you know about traffic between appointments and in general coordinate your many appointments. It’s in beta and already we can see its value. There is automatic automobile expense reporting, you can grab web page data for meetings with a single click. And it will even nag you about your to-dos and that’s just for starters. There is more coming. Check it out.


Aircare Is Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection Revolutionary Idea For Travel Insurance

BHTP_LogoPaul and Elizabeth chat with Mike Meeks, Chief Operating Officer at Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection about a type of travel insurance that couldn’t be simpler.  AirCare™ coverage is priced at an affordable $25 per trip and pays $1,000 to travelers for tarmac delays of more than two hours; $1,000 if a traveler experiences lost or stolen luggage; $500 if a flight delay causes a traveler to miss a connecting flight; $500 for luggage delayed more than 12 hours; and $50 if a traveler experiences more than a two-hour flight delay.  AirCare™ also includes proactive travel-assistance solutions through MyAssist™, a global-assistance and concierge service.

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Brand USA Has Created A Buzz Overseas and Spurred Ways To Make Visiting America Easier

Chris Thompson_Brand USA 041713-186Chris Thompson, CEO of Brand USA joins Paul to talk about one of the great success stories in travel. Brand USA is charged with boosting travel to the US, a major way to increase travel spending, create jobs and boost our economy. It’s been a huge job beginning with making it easier for visitors to obtain visas and actually enter the US to vacation. Chris reports on the progress and the challenges and plans for even more increases in visitors in the coming years.


Christian Gunning Updates Us On Recent Advances With WIFI On Boingo

boingo logoChristian Gunning with Boingo Wireless checks in with Paul and Elizabeth to talk about recent updates to the world of wireless and wifi connectivity on the Road. Boingo is progressing with a plan to increase wireless service on military basis and there are a lot of airports signing with Boingo around the world. Christian also talks with Paul about good wireless security practices when traveling.

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All The World’s A Stage In Portland Oregon For The Complete Works of Shakespeare

podsquare_LThe Complete Works Festival in Portland, OR, marks the first time the entire Shakespeare canon has been produced over such a brief period, or as a collaboration between so many independent companies. Most major American cities have only a single Shakespearean theater company. The Festival will span a two-year period, launching April 23, 2014 on Shakespeare’s 450th birthday – and running until April 23, 2016 – the 400th Anniversary of his death. Paul and Elizabeth talk with Erica Terpening about the plans for the festival and some special events.

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Christian Gunning From Boingo Talks About Safe Wifi When Traveling

boingo logoChristian Gunning joins Paul to talk about the growth of Boingo, it’s expanding program in airports and also on military bases. Christian talks about the efforts Boingo is making to create more secure wifi hotspots and the growing use of encryption and also virtual private networks.

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Kev Reynolds is Trekking In The Himalaya

HIGH IN THE KALI GANDAKI VALLEY, MANASLU HIMALKev Reynolds talks with Paul about the realities of Trekking In the Himalaya which happens to the be title of his book by Cicerone. Kev is an experienced trekker who has spent years in the wild spaces of high mountains and speaks form experience. He talks about how to prepare for treks and some of the life changing experiences that can occur in the Himalayas.