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Don George Celebrates Nearly 40 Years of Travel Writing with New Book


Don George visits the show at the Garden Court of the Palace Hotel in San Francisco to talk about his new book, “The Way of Wonderlust.” The book—a highlight or “best of” his career—covers 35 published stories in 38 years. Thanks to his experience as a teacher and mentor in the travel writing industry, the book is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in the ever-changing field travel writing.  

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‘Airstream: America’s World Traveler’ with Patrick Foster


Airstream trailers have been an iconic American travel staple for nearly 85 years. Families, travelers, and adventure-seekers alike have taken these trailers around the world. Patrick Foster wrote the book Airstream: America’s World Traveler highlighting the history, design, and manufacturing and discusses what makes Airstreams truly special. From restored Airstream hotels to caravans across the globe, these remain a travel icon for a reason.

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Kev Reynolds is Trekking In The Himalaya

HIGH IN THE KALI GANDAKI VALLEY, MANASLU HIMALKev Reynolds talks with Paul about the realities of Trekking In the Himalaya which happens to the be title of his book by Cicerone. Kev is an experienced trekker who has spent years in the wild spaces of high mountains and speaks form experience. He talks about how to prepare for treks and some of the life changing experiences that can occur in the Himalayas.

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Book Passage Writers Conference Helps Travel Writers

Don George 2013Author and editor Don George joins Paul to talk about the upcoming Book Passage travel writers and photographers conference and workshop. Designed to help both established writers and newbies develop the art and craft of travel writing, the conference enters it’s second decade of helping writers. This year Elizabeth Harryman joins the faculty and she tells us about some of the  things she has learned as a leading editor.

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Book Passage Hosts The West’s Leading Literary Workshop For Travel

Don George 2013Travel writer and editor, Don George joins Paul to talk about the plans for the 22nd annual Book Passage Travel Writers and Photographers Conference, held in Corte Madera just north of San Francisco August 8 to 11. Don is co-founder of the conference which each year attracts major travel book authors. Don also explains how he teaches a one-day course on travel writing just before the conference by taking students out to Point Reyes and giving them a hands on experience in writing about the place. Book Passage is one of the leading independent books stores in the United States. Don and Paul talk about the evolution of travel writing and how it is evolving today. Elizabeth Harryman, co-host of Traveling and Travel Editor of Westways magazine will be a member of the faculty this year.


Who Doesn’t Like Stories Of The Old West And Outlaws

A new anthology of short stories from LaFonterra Publishing makes for great reading especially on trips. Mike Harris, the publisher and frequent guests tells how the book came about and some of the stories of the old West. Check out Old West New West for other books and information on Western attractions and lore.


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Doug Lansky’s New Book Talks About Crap Souvenirs

Doug Lansky, who last joined us to talk about Signspotting, his art collection of  signs from around the world. Now he has come up with a book that promises to be a real hit Crap Souvenirs. He chats with us about how his book came about and we all share stories of likely candidates for volumn two of what should be a series.

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LA Times Ebook Is Perfect Guide To Southern California

Los Angeles Times writer Christopher Reynolds chats with Paul about his new Ebook So Cal Close Ups. It’s a collection based on articles that he did for the paper over a period of many months. Not only are there tips for planning a vacation but insights into Southern California that simply aren’t in other guides.

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Candy Harrington’s New Book About Travel For The Disabled

Paul and Elizabeth chat with Candy Harrington about her new book, Twenty Two Accessible Road Trips. Candy is an authority in the field of travel for the physically challenged and here she discusses that today there really shouldn’t be barriers to travel for anyone. They also discuss international travel and even travel by cruise ship for people with several disabilities.



Europe on 5 Wrong Turns A Day by Doug Mack

Europe on 5 Wrong Turns A Day by Doug Mack is a delightful book about travel old and new. Doug Mack chats with Paul and Elizabeth about how the book came about and why it has touched a chord with so many. Doug shares anecdotes from his travels and tells how his classic guide book led him astray. It’s a story about how the world of travel has changed and also how some things like the basic hospitality and kindness of people remains a part of today’s travel experience.