Phil Shuyler Shares His Tips For Location Photography And He Shares his Thoughts On Toyota’ New Corolla.

Paul and Phil Shuyler talk cars including the new Toyota Corolla and Phil talks photography both of cars and travel. Check out this episode!

Hamburg, Germany, Is Rich With Culture, Rock Music History, and Great Food

At Seatrade, Paul connects with the CEO of Hamburg Tourism, Mr Ottremba, and discusses why the city is one of Europe’s best cruise ports. Check out this episode!

NewmanPR Publishes Two Great Travel Blogs

At Seatrade, Paul chats with Buck Banks of NewmanPR about their cruising blog and their curated travel blog. Check out this episode!

Travel Leaders Group and the Future of Travel Advisors

At Seatrade, John Lovell of Travel Leaders group chats with Paul and Elizabeth about how travel advisors can enhance the vacation experience. Check out this episode!

D-Day Reminiscence A Must Read

Diane Covington-Carter‘s moving book Finding Gilbert A Promise Fulfilled reveals her father’s human story of D-Day. Check out this episode!

A Detailed Look at Spanish Culture for the Traveler

Susan Solomont talks about Spanish culture and also places to visit in Spain from her perspective as the wife of an ambassador to Spain in her book which is travel guide to some of the lesser known but intensely interesting parts of the country. Check out  Lost and Found in Spain, Tales of an Ambassador’s […]

Scenic Eclipse Promises Ultra Luxury and Adventure

Captain James Griffiths, master of the new Scenic Eclipse, talks about the ultra-luxury expedition ship’s wonders, including two helicopters and a submarine. Check out this episode!