Searching for the Truth About Bigfoot

Leading Bigfoot authority Adam Davies joins Paul and Elizabeth to discuss his search for scientific evidence of the existence of yet-to-be-discovered species around the world. Check out this episode!

PrivateFly Has Brought Ease To Private Flying

Adam Twidell joins Paul to discuss the advantages of flying private  and the money and time it can save. PrivateFly has brought the experience to many who who never dreamed they could actually fly in a private plane, and today is the leading private jet booking platform Check out this episode!

Travel Leaders Group Partners With American Express

Travel Leaders Group CEO Ninan Chacko reveals how its partnership benefits Amex Gold and Platinum members so that they have deeper travel experiences and save money. Check out this episode!

Tokyo Prepares For Visitors

David Latt talks about the advances he has found in Japan and especially in Tokyo to make it easier for visitors to get around. Check out this episode!

Botanical Gardens Can Save Plants and Cultures Hear More About The New York Botanical Garden

New York Botanical Garden President and CEO Carrie Barratt joins Paul and Elizabeth to chat about the role of plants in our future and why we need plants not only for their beauty but our survival. Check out this episode!

Find Out Why Ashford Castle is One of The Great Hotels in Europe

Paula Carroll shares the secrets of Ashford Castle in Ireland which celebrates it’s 80th birthday as a hotel. It was built in 1228 and therein lies a story. Today it is a refuge for those seeking real luxury and service worthy of a great country house where you can enjoy the pleasures of the country […]

Visit Victor Hugo’s House on Guernsey

Writer Amy Beth Wright joins Paul and Elizabeth for a visit to Hauteville House on Guernsey, where Victor Hugo lived in exile from France. Check out this episode!

Steve Perillo Discusses the Finer Points of Hunting Truffles in Italy

Steve Perillo joins Paul to talk about whether to use dogs or pigs to hunt truffles and what the best pasta dishes are to use with fresh truffles. Check out this episode!

Unisys Reveals What You Need To Increase Your Safety At Large Events And Concerts

Tom Patterson chats with Paul about things you need to do to increase your safety in large gatherings like concerts. Also he shares security tips for keeping hackers away from your smartphone. Check out this episode!

Arabian Travel Market Reflects Boom in Travel in Middle East

Shane Dallas reports on the Arabian Travel Market and the boom in travel in the entire region. He also reports on analysis of what works in travel marketing in a presentation by the BBC at the conference. Check out this episode!