Chris Christensen Reports On Safaris in Botswana

Chris Christensen chats with Paul after going back from two different safari experiences in Botswana for the Amateur Traveler. Check out this episode!

Jennifer Dombrowski Reports on France Safety

Jennifer Dombrowski updates Paul and Elizabeth on whether it is safe to travel to France right now. She reassures us. Check out this episode!

Minute On Travel The Bronx

A look at Arthur Avenue in the Bronx a great little Italy. Check out this episode!

Jennifer Dombrowski Visits Muscat And Oman

Jennifer Dombrowski shares her impressions of Muscat and Oman with Paul. She feels they are truly authentic places to explore and well worth the trip.  Check out this episode!

Shane Dallas Talks About Cultural Travel And Safety

Shane Dallas joins Paul and Elizabeth to talk about cultural do’s and dont’s and how not to commit cultural offenses when traveling.  Check out this episode!

LA Times Travel Editor Catherine Hamm And a Remarkable Resort In Hawaii

LA Times Travel Editor Catherine Hamm shares the story of a very special resort in Hawaii that treats returning vets scarred by war to help them regain normal lives all at no cost. Check out this episode!

Sophia Kulich Creates Custom Tours Of Jewish Sites In Europe

Sophia Kulich, shares her phenomenal insight with Paul and Elizabeth about Jewish history in Europe and throughout the continent. She plans special custom tours which she often leads herself. As a Ukranian she has a deep insight into the culture and can often provide special experiences for her clients.  Check out this episode!