Descanso Beach Club Brings France To Catalina

Umbrellas, white sand, good food and drink, sparkling blue water. It’s not the riviera but the Descanso Beach Club on Catalina Island. Anyone can hire a chair or cabana and have lunch in a setting that brings the French Riviera to Southern California. Paul finds much to enjoy in this undiscovered setting.  Check out this […]

Trails of Indochina Founder John Tue Nguyen Shares Favorites of Vietnam

John Tue Nguyen who founded Trails of Indochina some three decades ago shares his suggestions for visiting SE Asia. Trails of Indochina creates custom programs that allow visitors to have the experiences they dream of but with expert help. Check out this episode!

Trails Of Indochina Offers Custom Tours of SE Asia

Jim Selkin plans custom tours for clients of Trails of Indochina. Jim shares years of experience with Paul and offers some advice for having a successful trip without crowds. He points out that the trips include great dining options. Check out this episode!

California Highway Patrol Shares Safe Driving Secrets

Paul and Elizabeth learn safe driving tips from California Highway Patrol Officer, Juan Galvan and Sgt. Saul Gomez with decades of experience in traffic safety. For visitors they suggest doing some research on driving in the U.S. since some rules are different. And whatever you do don’t text or phone and drive. Check out this […]

Jennifer Dombrowski Paddles Her Canoe On The Dordogne

Jennifer Dombrowski travels to the Dordogne region of France to explore the river and even sleep in a treehouse. It’s the best of France after the crowds have gone. Check out this episode!

Gary Arndt Visits Sri Lanka and The Maldives

Gary and Paul chat about Gary’s most recent trip to Sri Lanka to speak at a conference held in a Cinnamon Hotel, a Sri Lankan group. He visits the Maldives and spends the day on a sand bar surrounded by ocean, flying his drone. He finds welcoming people  throughout and tourism with a cultural and […]

The Cranky Flier TrustWorthy Information For Fliers

Paul talks with Brett Snyder who views the airline industry from an insiders perspective. The Cranky Flier provides an accurate look at airlines and that makes us all more knowledgeable when we have to fly. Their Concierge Service helps by using “real live humans to help real live humans”. Great idea. Check out this episode!

Earplanes Make Airplane Travel Nearly Painless

Paul and Elizabeth talk with Drew O’Connell the creator of Earplanes. A small, soft, silicone earplug with a ceramic filter that allows the air pressure outside and inside the ear to equalize slowly, a simple idea that reduces or eliminates the pain caused by changes in altitude in planes. We’ve used them for years and […]

Medjet Is There When The Need Is Greatest

Paul and Elizabeth talk with Medjet’s COO, John Gobbels, who is an expert on travel safety. His bio says he is former Clinical Director for STAT MedEvac and is a certified Critical Care Nurse, Law Enforcement Officer, Paramedic and Firefighter. We found that his knowledge about emergencies and Medjet lives up to his bio. Medjet is […]

Holland America Line’s Koningsdam Offers A Chance To Blend Your Own Wine

Aboard Holland America Line’s Koningsdam, Paul chats with David Rosenthal, a wine maker at Chateau Ste. Michelle, Washington state’s oldest winery. In an innovative program, David teaches guests how to blend wine. Check out this episode!