What Does Travel Mean to You?

TheTravelCamel‘s Shane Dallas joins Paul and Elizabeth to discuss the meaning and value of travel. Shane, who’s name in Chinese means “the traveler who thinks,” shares his philosophy: Travel brings people together and can change the way we view the world. While we all remain Safe at Home, we can still plan for future trips […]

Travel to Greece Virtually With My Greek Table

Chef Diane Kochilas gives Paul and Elizabeth a behind-the-scenes look at her PBS television show My Greek Table, now in its third season. Visit the less-touristed side of Mykonos, where the island’s authentic, traditional cuisine thrives. Travel virtually to Ionia and discover the Venetian influence on its food. You can learn about a country’s history […]

Virtual Beer Tasting and More While Safe at Home

Travel journalist Terry Gardner joins Paul and Elizabeth to explore more ways to have fun adventures at home until we can all travel again. This week, Terry takes beer-tasting virtually and reveals some of her favorite Apple TV+ shows. Check out this episode!

An Insider’s Look at Charleston and Savannah

Journalists and authors Lynn and Cele Seldon join Paul and Elizabeth to discuss their books 100 Things To Do in Charleston Before You Die and 100 Things To Do in Savannah Before You Die. Now’s the time to plan trips to these Southern gems for when we can all travel again. In the meantime, Lynn […]

Report From Bordeaux on Day 23 of the Lockdown

LuxeAdventureTraveler‘s Jennifer Dombrowski joins Paul and Elizabeth and reports on what life is like in Bordeaux, France, as the country enters its fourth week of sheltering in place and Jennifer prepares for the first of the virtual wine tastings she hosts. We discover that staying safe@home has brought out the nascent chef in all of […]

Planning a World Cruise for 2023

Claudius Docekal VP of Deployment for Crystal Cruises is deep in the planning for the line’s World Cruise in 2023 and is finding that past passengers are already wanting to go. He joins Paul to discuss the myriad things that go into preparing for a world cruise. There are speakers to plan, ports to choose, […]

Shopping for Cars in a Virtual Showroom

Thinking of buying a new car? RelayCars‘ Gina Callari joins Paul and Elizabeth to reveal how virtual car shopping is taking off. While you’re sheltering in place, you can research automobiles at RelayCars.com and with the RelayCars app on your smartphone. With Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, you can even feel what it’s like to […]

Fast Cars and Palaces in SouthWest Germany

Learn about the delights of Germany’s Baden-Wuerttemberg region, in the southwest of Germany. Spokesperson Victoria Larson and Frank Krawcyzk of the region’s Stately Palaces and Gardens join Paul and Elizabeth to reveal the fun of Stuttgart’s amazing Porshe and Mercedes-Benz museums and the beauty of the area’s magnificent palaces Check out this episode!

Germany’s Black Forest and Amazing Baths

Christine Schoenhuber of Germany’s Baden-Wuerttemberg region and Thorsten Rudolph of the Black Forest Highlands join Paul and Elizabeth to share the wonders of the country’s southwest. Learn about what it’s like to hike in the Black Forest and to bask in the beauty of ever-glamorous Baden-Baden. Check out this episode!

Driving Trips Close to Home – Wherever Home Is

Everything-Everywhere’s Gary Arndt joins Paul and Elizabeth to discuss the mode of travel most likely to come back first after the coronavirus pandemic – driving trips close to home. Undiscovered treasures lie just a few hours’ drive outside your home city, whether that’s Toledo, Ohio, or Toledo, Spain. Check out this episode!