Scenic Brings a Fresh Approach to Luxury

Scenic’s Jayne O’Brien and Rob Huffman discuss the company’s success secrets in bringing a new concept to luxury cruising on the rivers of the world. Check out this episode!

Red Oxx the toughest soft travel luggage in the world.

Jim Markel talks hunting and the outdoors from the 2019 Western Hunting & Conservation Expo at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City. What is a M.U.T.T?   Check out this episode!

Graceland Adds New Features and Programs Keeping it Relevant

Matt Mandrella of Graceland joins Paul to discuss a military program relating to Elvis’ time in the Army. They also discuss Graceland’s new hotel and newest projects.. Check out this episode!

Travel Breaks Down Barriers

Samantha Isom of www.brownpassport.comdiscusses travel’s potential to build understanding among people of different races, genders, and faiths. Check out this episode!


Gary Arndt Reports On Extremadura Spain And It’s History

Monastery of Guadaloupe, Spain

Gary and Paul discuss the joys of travel and food in lessor known regions of Spain like Extremadura. Topics discussed: Roman ruins of Merida Old Town of Cáceres Royal Monastery of Santa María de Guadalupe