Winter pet travel

More pets get lost in Winter than any other season. In this episode of the Pod, Paul and Elizabeth have a few tips on cold weather care for your pet while traveling. [display_podcast]


Fiji may be as close to paradise as anyone can get. Paul and Elizabeth talk about this beautiful island paradise. [display_podcast]

Travelling with the folks …

New tours are popping up for multi-generational travel. Paul and Elizabeth examine Generations Touring, a new company designed for this interesting niche market. [display_podcast]

Senior Travel Deals

Enjoying life after retirement? In this episode of the pod, you’ll hear about Paul and Elizabeth’s tips on finding Senior Travel Deals. [display_podcast]

Kona Village Hawaii

Staying at the Kona Village in Hawaii can get travellers in touch with what Hawaii was like before it became a tourist destination. [display_podcast]

Beachhouse Hotels

Finding a nice beach house hotel in Southern California isn’t easy. But Paul and Elizabeth come to the rescue. [display_podcast]

Golfing Guam

Guam‘s resorts have world class golf courses, and it’s one of travel’s best kept secrets for golfers. [display_podcast]

Thanksgiving in Plymouth

What was the first Thanksgiving like? Paul and Elizabeth talk about how traveling to the first colony can be an educational Thanksgiving Holiday. [display_podcast]

Half Moon Bay

Traveling to San Francisco can be a challenge when looking for a good hotel. Half Moon Bay offers a quaint seaside charm with beach side accommodations, while being only a stone’s throw from all the sites the Bay Area has to offer. [display_podcast]

What’s on that Hotel Card Key

Is it true that your Hotel card key has your personal information on it? Paul and Elizabeth have the answer on if this legend is more urban, or fact. [display_podcast]