Dining on Carnival Cruises

Carnival Cruiselines caters it’s food to the changing tastes of it’s passengers. [display_podcast]

Cruise themes

If you have a special hobby or interest, chances are there’s a cruise just for you. [display_podcast]

Midway Atoll

Paul and Elizabeth talk about the glorious nature on Midway Atoll. Once a military outpost, Midway Atoll have some of the most beautiful wildlife in the South Pacific. [display_podcast]

Kansas City Negro Leagues Museum

George Brett is a household name in Kansas City, but some of the greatest players to play the game, like the great Satchel Paige, may not be known to anyone but the Kansas City Negro Leagues Museum. [display_podcast]

Kansas City Jazz

Barbeque and Jazz go together like George Brett and the Royals. In this episode of the Pod, Paul tells us where in KC to hear some great riffs and hot jazz. [display_podcast]

Staying at the Hotel Phillips

Steeped in history, the Hotel Phillips has 21st century comforts with American heritage at every turn. [display_podcast]

Barbeque and Kansas City

The stock yards are gone, but Kansas City is this place to go for hot barbeque. Paul and Elizabeth share where to get the best ribs and brisket in Cowtown. [display_podcast]

Kansas City Art Scene

Known for it’s bar-b-que, not many people know of the amazing art collections that come out of Cowtown. Thankfully, Paul and Elizabeth share what the art scene is like in this episode of the Pod. [display_podcast]

Zero Star Hotel

Paul and Elizabeth review the Zero Star Hotel in Switzerland known as the Null Stern Hotel. [display_podcast]

Vacationing in the O.C.

Travelling to Orange County is more than a Day at the Magic Kingdom. Paul and Elizabeth talk about other vacation options in the O.C. [display_podcast]