Lower Queen Anne in Seattle

A seldom known enclave in Seattle is the top of today’s Pod with Paul and Elizabeth. Check out Lower Queen Anne. [display_podcast]

Travel Arrivals

In this episode of The Pod, Paul and Elizabeth tell us about memorable travel arrivals that practically make the trip worth it all by themselves. [display_podcast]

Travelling during hurricane season

Is it a good idea to travel while hurricanes are brewing off shore? Paul and Elizabeth have a few tips which may surprise you. [display_podcast]

Britrail travel deals

Another of our short travel features. This one has hints for traveling with Britrail in the. UK BritRail Travel Deals

Two Glimpses of the West in Houston

True, it might be the symbol for energy and excess, but Houston retains a flavor of the old West that can be a surprise for visitors. For among the glass-encased high-rises standing in testimony to the oil patch’s wealth, there are vestiges of the real West. Take Ninfa’s, it’s a local Mexican restaurant that is […]

Discovering the Old West in the New

When asked to write this blog by old friend and colleague Mike Harris our first thought was “cool”, we saw a chance to express ourselves and chat with you about issues that concern all of us who love the West and find it an endless fascinating place to explore. But then we thought of the […]

Red Oxx Luggage

As the search for the perfect luggage continues, Red Oxx Luggage may be as close as you can get. [display_podcast]

Dining on Carnival Cruises

Carnival Cruiselines caters it’s food to the changing tastes of it’s passengers. [display_podcast]

Cruise themes

If you have a special hobby or interest, chances are there’s a cruise just for you. [display_podcast]

Midway Atoll

Paul and Elizabeth talk about the glorious nature on Midway Atoll. Once a military outpost, Midway Atoll have some of the most beautiful wildlife in the South Pacific. [display_podcast]