Holiday Security Tips

Holiday travel is stressful enough without getting bogged down in airport security. Elizabeth share some tips on how thinking ahead can make going through security a breeze. [display_podcast}

Winter Pet Travel

Winter Pet Travel. [display_podcast]

The California Coast during wintertime.

California is a great place to visit in wintertime, particularly around Santa Barbara and the Channel Islands. [display_podcast]

Tokyo Roppongi

In this episode of the Pod, Paul and Elizabeth talk about a special destination in Tokyo – Roppongi Hills. [display_podcast]

Keeping your teeth healthy on the road

Traveling healthy, even for your teeth, is very important. Here’s a few tips on how to keep those choppers in shape while traveling. [display_podcast]

Deviation Fees

If yout plans change, paying a deviation fee which can help get you to the boat on time. [display_podcast]

Winter pet travel

More pets get lost in Winter than any other season. In this episode of the Pod, Paul and Elizabeth have a few tips on cold weather care for your pet while traveling. [display_podcast]


Fiji may be as close to paradise as anyone can get. Paul and Elizabeth talk about this beautiful island paradise. [display_podcast]

Travelling with the folks …

New tours are popping up for multi-generational travel. Paul and Elizabeth examine Generations Touring, a new company designed for this interesting niche market. [display_podcast]

Senior Travel Deals

Enjoying life after retirement? In this episode of the pod, you’ll hear about Paul and Elizabeth’s tips on finding Senior Travel Deals. [display_podcast]