Landing in Kuala Lumpur Airport

Paul and Elizabeth find that designers put a lot of thought into Kuala Lumpur Airport. [display_podcast]

Vacation Advantages

Paul and Elizabeth talk about how taking a vacation helps in everyday life. [display_podcast]

Coffee College, Trieste Italy

Coffee can be higher education in Trieste, Italy. [display_podcast]

Staying safe at Sea …

Take responsibility for your own safety while at sea by following Elizabeth’s tips. [display_podcast]

Vacation Advantages

Paul talks about what good taking a vacation can really do for your health and productivity. [display_podcast]

Adding pages to your passports

Running out of Pages on your Passports? What a happy problem! Elizabeth offers a few tips on how to extend the life of your Passport before renewing it. [display_podcast]

Travel cheaper

In this episode of the Pod, Paul and Elizabeth talk about how to save money while traveling. [display_podcast]

Why Use a Travel Agent?

Paul and Elizabeth discuss the advantages of using a travel agent. [display_podcast]

Hawaiian Superferry

Inter-island travel around Hawaii can be enjoyed wtihout flying thanks to the Hawaii Superferry. Military members get a great buy one get one deal. [display_podcast]

How to get a deal on a cruise

How to get a great deal and a great cruise. [display_podcast]