Secret Lives of Sharks, Sea Otters and Penquins

Ever want to know what happens in an aquarium when it closes? Jerry Schubel of the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California, joins Paul and Elizabeth to reveal the  Aquarium Online Academy  , where lectures, games, and puzzles entertain and educate marine environment lovers of all ages. Live webcams give everyone rare views […]

Travel in Place Through Libraries

Every Library’s John Chrastka joins Paul and Elizabeth to discuss the resources available, often for free, from your local library, virtually. At libraries2020, you can visit libraries throughout the country from your living room and learn a new skill, brush up your foreign language, and find new places to travel. If you want accurate information, […]

California’s Coast Redwoods, Plus Bigfoot

Looking ahead to travel after the pandemic, Redwood Coast Parks’ Richard Stenger joins Paul and Elizabeth to reveal fascinating facts about the Coast Redwoods, the world’s tallest living things. Also in the part of Northern California, Willow Creek is said to be “the Bigfoot capital of the world,” and Stenger shares interesting insights into this […]

5 Amazing Places You Might Never Visit – or Will You?

GoNomad‘s Max Hartshorne joins Paul and Elizabeth to reveal “5 Places That Most Likely You Will Never Visit,” a collection of stories from Allianz. Fancy hitchhiking in Siberia? Or skiing to the South Pole? Maybe not. But perhaps you will venture to Saudi Arabia one day or head to a castle town steeped in samurai […]

Armchair Travel in the Time of Coronavirus – What Movies to Watch

TheTravelCamel‘s Shane Dallas joins Paul and Elizabeth to discuss traveling virtually through great films that have inspired us all to venture from our homes—from classics such as Lawrence of Arabia to newer films such as The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. What’s your favorite travel movie? Check out this episode!

An Inside Look at COVID-19’s Impact on Travel and the U.S. Economy

U.S. Travel President and CEO Roger Dow joins Paul and Elizabeth to discuss the importance of travel to the United States and global economies and the impact COVID-19 is having. What will travel look like post-recovery, and when should you start booking for travel once the pandemic ends? Check out this episode!


What Will Travel Look Like After COVID-19?

Everything-Everywhere‘s Gary Arndt joins Paul and Elizabeth to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the global travel industry. What will it mean for you and the future of travel? In the short term, we see disruption and financial hardship for millions, but what does the long term look like? Join these three travel insiders for […]

Coronavirus Update From France

Since the first case of Coronavirus in France was found in Bordeaux, Jennifer Dombrowski tells us what the local scene is like. But on a lighter note she has toured the Riedel wineglass factory during her trip to Austria and now she has studied in a Riedel Master Class and says every serious wine drinker […]

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

In light of the Coronavirus,’s Shane Dallas joins Paul and Elizabeth to share tips on simple things you can do to stay healthy on the road. Shane also reveals the most dangerous threat to your travel health – it’s not what you think it is. Check out this episode!