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Ragged Edge Of The World Is A Must Read

Author Eugene Linden talks with Paul about a book he spent ten years writing and where he describes the experience of a travel odyssey spanning decades. He brings to life experiences in unspoiled jungles and places where encroaching civilizations have altered forever the natural landscape. He also discussed the impacts on native peoples that contact […]

Crai Bower Talks about Calgary and the West

Join Traveling’s correspondent Crai Bower as he talks with Paul about his latest adventures in Calgary, Alberta. It’s an oil boomtown and the dining scene and opportunities for sports and sightseeing are endless. Everything from steaks to dinosaurs are on the agenda. Note we didn’t say menu.

Surviving Earthquakes Isn’t All Luck

We’ve gathered some tips from experts in the field of survival and from our own experience. What to do in an earthquake depends on circumstances since each differs but there are some things to do to increase your chances of personal calamity.

Award Winning Photo Tips at LA Times Show

Award winning photographer Mark Boster has been chronicling the news and the world in photographs for the LA Times since 1983. He will be at the Los Angeles Times Travel Show later this month to share his expertise and experiences with all who come by. But he joins us here on Traveling with a preview […]


Be Prepared For Travel Emergencies Overseas

With the continuing political upheaval taking place overseas, it’s more important than ever to be prepared to deal with travel emergencies. Here are some possible steps to take. Each and every emergency situation is different and possibly changing by the day — along with who the official authorities are. You will need creative and thoughtful […]

Gadgets and Gear: Amazon Kindle 3G

Travel Tech expert James DeRuvo joins us to talk about ebook readers in general and the Amazon Kindle 3G in particular. Small, light, and long lasting, the Kindle allows users to bring their entire library with them on vacation.

Lisa Bauer, Royal Caribbean

Gone are the days of skeet shooting and shuffleboard. Today’s cruise ships have an unlimited number of activities including bowling alleys, ice skating rinks, and more. Lisa Bauer of Royal Caribbean joins us to let us know how Cruising is changing and how the innovations that Royal Caribbean has introduced on their newest ships are […]