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Lights, Camera, Travel With Celebrities

Ever wonder how celebrities travel and what they think about traveling? This new book from Andrew McCarthy and Don George lets you into the world of celebrity in a way few books can. As an actor and director as well as accomplished travel journalist Andrew was able to open doors to Alec Baldwin, Brook Shields […]

Canada Via Rail

Canada’s CANRAIL pass with ViaRail is a great way to see one of the world’s largest countries by train. Check out the details in Elizabeth’s report.


Saying hello to the iPhone 4S and Siri

Apple makes a tidal wave sized splash with the iPhone 4s. But it would surprise some to realize that this new iPhone is merely an incremental update. Is it a great option for travelers? Absolutely because it’s now a world phone. And it’s an even better camera. James DeRuvo has the details on this new […]