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Long Long Ago, In A Legoland Far, Far Away …

Legoland in Carlsbad, California is a great place to bring the kids. And the Grand Pacific Resort, nearby has nearly as much fun stuff to do. Family correspondent James DeRuvo joins us to talk about this great family destination, and why Star Wars is a very important part of it now. We’ll also go to […]


Staying Cool In The National Parks

America’s National Parks are a national treasure. Paul and Elizabeth talk about great park experiences and why America is the envy of the world for preserving so many wild and also historical places. Visitors from overseas flock to the national parks and Americans are beginning to discover the glories we have at home. Yosemite National […]


Hanging Out With Tortoises and Swimming Iguanas

Correspondent Crai Bower joins Paul after his trip to the Galapagos to discuss environmental challenges facing the islands, what the experience of visiting is really like and what to do when meeting a swimming iguana. Crai discusses lodging at Red Mangrove Lodges, food, and of course the wildlife and along the way recommends a great […]

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Mayor Of Dubrovnik Promotes Sustainable Tourism

Dubrovnik’s Mayor Dr. Andro Vlahusic can trace his family history in the city back more than four centuries. He’s deeply committed to creating a city where tourism and the local culture can coexist. In this interview he shares with Paul his thoughts on how Dubrovnik can manage being one of Europe’s major tourist destinations and […]

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Contiki Vacations A View From The Top

Greg Fischbein isn’t the kind of president who leads from behind a desk. He looks as though he would fit right in on one of his tours. And his enthusiasm for the concept is catching. Here he chats with Paul and Elizabeth about what Contiki Vacations means to those who travel with them and how […]

Social Media Changing The Way People Travel

Social media applications on smartphones are changing the way we travel. With access to smartphone applications that can get travelers a cab, find a nearby restaurant, and even where the best deal is on a cup of coffee, travelers are not only finding they can get the information they need, but they can get help […]


TSA And Airlines Seek Alternatives To Pat Downs

There’s one thing that everyone agrees on … airport pat downs have got to go. After news of children being patted down, women complaining of assault from overzealous TSA officials, and rising complaints of privacy violations, alternatives are now being looked at to replace the controversial TSA program.