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Mayor Of Dubrovnik Promotes Sustainable Tourism

Dubrovnik’s Mayor Dr. Andro Vlahusic can trace his family history in the city back more than four centuries. He’s deeply committed to creating a city where tourism and the local culture can coexist. In this interview he shares with Paul his thoughts on how Dubrovnik can manage being one of Europe’s major tourist destinations and […]

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Contiki Vacations A View From The Top

Greg Fischbein isn’t the kind of president who leads from behind a desk. He looks as though he would fit right in on one of his tours. And his enthusiasm for the concept is catching. Here he chats with Paul and Elizabeth about what Contiki Vacations means to those who travel with them and how […]

Social Media Changing The Way People Travel

Social media applications on smartphones are changing the way we travel. With access to smartphone applications that can get travelers a cab, find a nearby restaurant, and even where the best deal is on a cup of coffee, travelers are not only finding they can get the information they need, but they can get help […]


TSA And Airlines Seek Alternatives To Pat Downs

There’s one thing that everyone agrees on … airport pat downs have got to go. After news of children being patted down, women complaining of assault from overzealous TSA officials, and rising complaints of privacy violations, alternatives are now being looked at to replace the controversial TSA program.

Rock Band KISS Booked For Fan Cruise

You may remember the popular rock band KISS with their trademarked arena makeup, axe blade guitars and fans known as the KISS Army. The Band, which includes members Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Thommy Thayer and Eric Singer, will be rocking and rolling all night on board the Carnival’s Destiny Cruise ships on a four night […]


Poll Shows Americans Want A Vacation This Year

According to a recent USA Today/Gallup poll, 60 percent of Americans say that taking the family vacation is going to be an important event this year. That’s certainly good news for the travel and tourism industry, but what isn’t good news is that over 70 percent of Americans expect they’ll have to spend more on […]


The Sahara In Las Vegas Closes Its Doors

It was a favorite hang out for the Rat Pack. Elvis stayed there while filming “Viva Las Vegas,” and it was an iconic image on the Las Vegas Strip. But today, the Sahara hotel checked out it’s final guests and will be closing it’s doors after almost 60 years. So what happened to this iconic […]

Fewer hubs limit travel options

If you live in “flyover country,” you may have noticed it’s becoming quite a challenge to fly around the country from regional hubs. That’s because airlines have been cutting flights to regional cities in an effort to boost the bottom line. Recently Delta slashed twenty-five percent of their flights in Memphis, Pittsburgh’s airport has seen […]


Air Travel Expected To Rise This Summer

In another sign that the travel economy is recovering, CNN is reporting that airlines expect more air travelers this summer. According to the Air Transport Association of America, there should be a 1.5% boost in air travel from June to August, with more than 206 million passengers going on summer travel. Details also point to […]