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Marybeth Bond Searches For Wolves In Yellowstone

MarybethCorrespondent Marybeth Bond checks in after a winter trip to Yellowstone National Park. As she relates to Paul and describes in her website blog,  “I made tracks to the park with a group of five wildlife enthusiasts to search for the wily wolves. We chose to travel in the icy grip of winter because it’s the best time to see large animals that stand out against the white snow. The wolves stay in the woods and tend their young in dens in the summer. It’s possible to see wolves in other places such as the Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole, Wyo., about 70 miles south but, “Yellowstone is still the best place in the world to view wild wolves and the best season is winter,” says Carolyn Harwood, the Resident Instructor of the Yellowstone Institute, the park’s official nonprofit education partner.”…… read more