General Packenham And The Battle of New Orleans

ontravel logoIn another of our ongoing Voices From The Past series, John Poimiroo and Paul talk with General Packenham on the eve of the Battle of New Orleans. Then actor  Timothy Pickles joins us to talk about modern day New Orleans.  General Edward Packenham, was the commanding general of the British troops at the Battle of New Orleans. He fought against General Andrew Jackson, who was victorious. Jackson wound up becoming president of the US; Packenham wound up dead on the battlefield.

This January marks the  200th anniversary and it’s a great story … for the Americans. A group of ragtag soldiers from a variety of cultures – including a gang of pirates – banded together to take on the British troops. The way the Brits had been trained to fight (very formally, which meant they were at a loss when their commanding officers went down) was one of the things that worked to the Americans’ advantage. At the end of the battle, very few Americans were killed or wounded, but the British didn’t fare so well. It’s a fascinating story about what a little pluck and ingenuity – and a lot less formality – will do when the going gets tough.  This interview gives us the opportunity to hear about the British strategy before the battle through Voices From The Past. This is a great time to visit this whole area including New Orleans along the Louisana Coast .