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Bhaskar Krishnamurthy Travels To Kerala And Visits The City Of Cochin In India

Riding an elephantBhaskar Krishnamurthy joins Paul and Elizabeth to discuss the remarkable adventure that awaits in Kerala in Southern India. Bhaskar has compiled a list of great adventures to share.


1. Cruise the Backwaters on a houseboat – Kerala backwaters are a network of lakes, rivers and canals that covers half the length of the state. Float on house boats called as Kettuvallam for one night or two nights or for an entire week.  The lush green palm-fringed landscape, villages alongside and children waving will remain etched in memory forever.


2. Taste of Malabar cuisine – Kerala’s coastal food is as varied as its rich tapestry of landscapes, unlike the Indian food rest of the world thinks. In God’s own country, mix of religions and cultures has played a big role in the regions cuisines. While drawing on a variety of foreign cultures, the food is entirely local, enlivened by its most aromatic spices.


3. Get an Ayurvedic treatment – Mastered for over 5000 years, the science of life and longevity, Ayurveda is best experienced in Kerala. Practiced by hundreds of Vaidyas (traditional practitioners of Ayurveda) it is a lifestyle of the locals for rejuvenating mind body soul.


4. Bathe and ride an elephant – The state animal of Kerala, elephants play an important part of life in Kerala. At elephant junction you can spend the whole day bathing, feeding, discussing with mahouts and taking a ride through the lush green estates.


5. Laze around on the beach – In Kerala its a color code of green or blue. Along it’s 550-km coastline, Kerala offers some of the cleanest, quiet and romantic beaches. At Marari, catch a glimpse of Kearla Coastal life the way it existed hundreds of years ago.


6. Watch Wildlife and spot the tiger – With a forest cover of 29% across the state, Kerala offers wonderful experiences with wildlife. Part of the UNESCO world heritage Western Ghats, Kerala has many species that are endemic to the region. Visit the Periyar Tiger Reserve, one of the jewels of Kerala landscapes and get lucky sighting a tiger.


7. Watch Kathakalli performance – Kerala’s tryst with art forms is stunning. Dating back to the 17th century, Kathakalli is a form of dance-drama in which performers wear elaborate make-up and use gestures of hand and sign conveying an entire story. The body movements and footwork are rigorous.

8. Walk through Old Cochin – Kochi as is popularly called has influences of Dutch, Portuguese, British and Jewish. From a 600 yr old synagogue to the 17th century St. Francis Church, in the quaint streets of Fort Kochi, everything is within walking distance where a day isn’t just enough.


9. Go antique jewelery shopping in Kozhikode – Kerala’s fascination with silver and gold is next only to the duty free shopping of Dubai. Some of the erstwhile rulers of Kerala had decorated with fancied jewellery and Kozikhode is a great place to look for some of the antique jewellery worn by the kings and queens if you go with a local.


Spices on sale10. Learn and Pack the Spices – This is the land Columbus went in search of spices and Idukki district of Kerala offers some of the best in the world. Visit the local farms where it is grown with organic methods, best value for money and the freshest available anywhere. Fresh cardamom, black pepper, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Coffee, Tea, nutmeg, Cloves, you will be in a spicy heaven. Pack an extra bag.