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Hanging Out In Sydney, Australia, Marybeth Bond Climbs The Bridge

MarybethMarybeth Bond our global travel correspondent checks in from Australia. Marybeth Bond, National Geographic Author, shares her discoveries on the Great Barrier Reef, on a camel in the Outback and on a climb of to the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. She writes in GutsyTraveler about Australia: Australia is clean, comfortable and familiar, and yet, it is full of fascinating things. It is home to the largest living of the largest living things on earth – the great Barrier Reef – and the largest monolith, Ayers Rock (Uluru) – and the oldest rainforest in the world in Queensland- and wild camels, kangaroos, wallabies, sharks, turtles and nine-hundred pound groupers. Check out more of Marybeth’s impressions and great photos here at GutsyTraveler.