Scenic Cruises Combines Luxury And Service With High-Tech Amenities On The River

scenic cruisesGlen Maroney, owner of Scenic Cruises chats with Paul and Elizabeth before a trip to Europe. His company Scenic Cruises is widely regarded as one of the very best in river cruising. This is from their website: Scenic delivers the ultimate river cruising experience on our fleet of luxurious River Cruise ships. Every aspect of these magnificent vessels, from the elegant interiors to the faultless service, will surpass your expectations. Sail with us on the newest and most luxurious river ships in Europe. Our impressive fleet of Scenic ‘Space-Ships’ boasts six of the finest river cruisers in Europe – including our newest – Scenic Crystal, Scenic Ruby, Scenic Diamond, Scenic Sapphire, Scenic Pearl and Scenic Emerald – which will exclusively sail the waterways of Southern France. The Scenic Jewel is another new ship as well as the company’s first small ship, Scenic Tsar, which sails the waterways of Russia. Glen is one of the people in travel who has a vision of how to create a memorable guest experience and one that is just plain comfortable from start to finish.He explains to Paul and Elizabeth what makes Scenic Cruises so special. One big thing is his commitment to an all-inclusive cruise experience. He also talks about their use of patented technology aboard the ship. Scenic has worked with a university in Europe to develop and patent a gps-based tablet. This is loaned to each passenger who can use it to track the sights along the way and even plot walking tours of cities. ,