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Margie Goldsmith Celebrates Paris And New Orleans In A French Manner

Margie Goldsmith ParisMargie Goldsmith reports in to Paul and Elizabeth about an over the top trip to Paris and the experience of a lifetime in New Orleans, today on traveling. In Paris she attended the Four Seasons Hotel’s University, which offers guests the opportunity to go behind the scenes and see how a hotel works and the services it offers. Her descriptions of the extremes the hotel goes to provide perfect services for their guests are truly remarkable. One guest stores their piano in the hotel until he checks in when it is moved to his room. Another sends shirts in for alterations by hand from a gifted seamstress. Then she shifts gears to New Orleans, America’s city with a strong French influence. She tells what it is like to ride on the Orpheus float in one of the parades. She did her share of bead throwing and tells where the best vantage points are to view the parades. And best of all she got to keep her costume.