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Jennifer Dombrowski Talks Travel Fulfilled And Hoped For

Dombrowski 1Paul and Jennifer talk travel. As Jennifer is into her second year as one of our correspondents we thought it only fitting to let you in on why she is such a valuable contributor to Traveling. Johnny Jet introduced us and since then we’ve benefited by Jennifer’s great expertise and also her understanding of the world we live in. Jennifer’s website and blog, jdombstravels.com is not only a source of accurate travel information (trust us that isn’t always the case when it comes to blogs) but it’s also written with a sensitivity to our men and women serving around the world. But perhaps Jennifer says it best in this from her website:

We’re Jennifer and Tim and we love adventure and we love wine, so we often try to combine the two! By day, you’ll find us out on some crazy adventure like snorkeling in Iceland in winter, but by night, we’re creatures of comfort. We both work full time, so we bring you practical tips for how anyone can fit travel into their busy lives – just like us! So far, we’ve visited 48 countries on 3 continents, lived in the United States and Italy, and Tim has lived in Korea. And we do it all while both holding down full time careers, Jennifer as a communications manager and social media strategist at a university and Tim as an active duty service member in the US Air Force. That’s how much we love travel. We can hardly stand to stay home in Italy for too long; wanderlust always gets the best of us. Travel has literally changed our lives, strengthened our marriage, and challenged us beyond our wildest dreams. Living by our motto “Live a Life of Adventure,” we’re here to prove to you that travel isn’t at all intimidating, there’s much more to see and do than that guide book you picked up shows you, and that you can balance a life of travel with your career. The travel will never stop for Jennifer and Tim. Our bucket list continues to grow with far flung places on this beautiful planet and we’re continually working toward our goal to become full time travelers once Tim retires from the Air Force. Join us as we show you how you can live a life of adventure! We’re always happy to offer our advice, so send us an email or leave us a note on our Facebook page.