Mark McGuire Talks About How Nextt Aims To Bring Humanity Back To Social Media

Nextt-MarkMcGuire-CEO-HeadshotMark McGuire chats with Paul about a new concept in social or perhaps non-social media. NEXTTcreated by McGuire and co-founder Emmanuel Buah might just change social media and make it more human. McGuire says social networks are great for staying up to date with everyone, but consuming the lives of others on our screens leaves a lot less time for living in the real world. Nextt is a dedicated place for real friends to create the future together — what they’re going to do next—and make spending quality time in person a priority again. These are some of the thoughts behind NEXTT.

Nextt simplifies the social planning process with a set of pre-calendar tools, letting friends share ideas and iron out all of the details—the who, what, when and where—in private, so potential plans don’t get lost in e-mail, group chat messaging or voicemail and slip through the cracks. In contrast to other social networks that focus primarily on sharing the past with a large group of  digital followers, Nextt organizes a user’s future activities with a smaller group of in-person friends, making it easy to create, keep and follow through on actual plans together.

Here’s how Nextt works:

• People can easily capture ideas of things to do in the real world, for instance “weekend in the city” or “couples date night,” without finalizing the details first
• Users have complete control over who sees their content: ideas can be kept private, as a personal bucket list, or shared with specific friends to gauge interest and start planning
• To keep potential plans from slipping through the cracks, Nextt offers a number of pre-calendar tools, including a “To Do” section, fluid time ranges, reminders, and “nudges” that help organizers push plans across the finish line
• Friends don’t need accounts to start using Nextt. Invites are delivered via text or email and link to a dedicated group space for ironing out the details
• Once all of the details are set, ideas become plans and an “It’s On!” confirmation is delivered to members, reflecting the social dynamics of real world planning
• Nextt is accessible on iPhone, iPod touch, online and mobile web so friends can connect and make plans on the fly.