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Marybeth Bond Travels With Adventure In Mind And She Is Truly Gutsy

gutsy_sMarybeth Bond is an extraordinary traveler. Her book, has inspired countless women and some men no doubt to embrace adventure at all levels when they travel. Here she chats with Paul about the qualities that make a gutsy traveler, man or woman.

Marybeth Bond is the “go to” expert for women travel, travel tips, travel advice and travel stories. She is a National Geographic author, (10 books),  contributor to PBS, LA Times, USA Today, CNN, National Geographic, Fox News and more. She knows her subject well.  She’s traveled to over 100 countries. From the Explorers Club in New York City to international conferences in Thailand, Switzerland and Malaysia, Marybeth has spoken to business groups, sales meetings, and conventions worldwide. Marybeth and her book Gutsy Women was featured on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”.