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Marybeth Bond Talks About Snorkeling With Belugas And Walking With Polar Bears

2013-07-23 17.57.21 (640x480)Marybeth Bond, author of Gutsy Women, chats with Paul and Elizabeth about her recent adventure in Canada, where she snorkeled with beluga whales and got close to polar bears. Bond has visited more than 90 countries and has produced 11 books about woman’s travel. She brings her insightful observations, her enthusiasm, and her sense of humor to any excursion. Check out her website and blog. Here’s an excerpt.

Less than an hour after we landed at the remote lodge on Hudson Bay, we saw our first polar bear. In fact, it was a cuddly-looking mother and cub who lumbered along the shoreline. We photographed them from the safety of the lodge windows and settled in for a “safety talk” before we headed out onto the Arctic tundra to track the bear on foot.

Safety? Our guides had over 15 years of combined experience with polar bears and you know it when they talk about the bears’ behavior, how close to get and how to read the bear’s body language. They carry ample deterrents such as guns,  bear pepper spray and a radio. Their expertise and presence put me at ease. We never left the lodge without the armed guides.

“Polar bears  move as if the country has belonged to them always.”
John Muir, on a visit to the Arctic in 1899

Seal River Heritage Lodge, one of the Churchill Wild lodges, is located right on the shoreline of Western Hudson Bay (about 59′ north latitude) – a true wilderness location many miles from any human habitation, roads, electrical wires, boats, planes or trains. Churchill Wild is a pioneer in the realm of summer walking safaris to photograph bears and snorkel with beluga whales. Read More: 

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