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Author And Traveler Jeff Greenwald Talks About Burning Man And Other Travels


Jeff Greenwald joins Paul and Elizabeth to talk about this year’s Burning Man in Nevada. This gathering of thousands on a dry lake in Northern Nevada has become one of the premier art events in the world. Its sells out and while not for everyone, it’s become an annual celebration of all facets of artistic expression. And each year, the giant construction at the center of it all ends in flames, hence the Burning Man. Greenwald reveals that once over, absolutely nothing remains to mar the desert landscape on the dry lake. Of course until a new man is built the next year. Jeff’s latest work is his book, Snake Lake, about the uprising in the nineties in Nepal. Jeff has a particular affinity for the peaks of the Himalaya and Kathmandu, Nepal, and his powerful narrative brings perspective to this area. Jeff’s other passion can be found in the world of ethical travel. Check out the website for more information on a topic we all need to spend more time thinking about and planning our travels accordingly. Jeff blogs regularly and you can find his writing about travels, art and people at Jeff Greeenwald.com.