Anne Banas Discovers Some Surprises In The Azores

2013 Anne Banas headshot - blue ORIGINAL backblur (3)Anne Banas, executive editor of SmarterTravel.com shares some of her discoveries from a recent trip to the Azores. There’s wine, cuisine and even some pastry to talk about as Anne shares highlights of the trip. She writes in Smarter Travel about the Azores:

Isolated in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Azores, a Portuguese island chain unknown to most Americans, feels remote but is actually closer to the U.S. than any other point in Europe. Each of the nine volcanic islands—from main island Sao Miguel to the tiny isle of Corvo (population: about 400)—exudes a distinct character. But all of the islands are rooted in Old World charm and offer plenty of ways to experience local culture and the outdoors. Feel the spray from the world’s biggest mammals on a whale watch, hike up calderas to pristine crater lakes, or go spelunking though extinct lava tubes. Just be sure to make time to savor the local cuisine, which prides itself on wine, artisan-made cheeses, and seafood from the islands’ rich ocean waters.

You can check out more of Anne’s impressions of the Azores and some great photos here.