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Gary Arndt Wraps His Caribbean Expedition And Talks Luggage

Gary Arndt HeadshotGary Arndt chats with Paul as he wraps up his travels in the Caribbean. They talk travel, political logistics and luggage. He blogs extensively about the trip at Everything-Everywhere.com. This is a short excerpt.

“I have finally finished with my island hopping trip through the Caribbean. I thoroughly enjoyed it even though the logistics were often a giant pain. I have a post in the works about how you can actually do an island hopping trip of your own, but suffice it to say it is far more difficult than it should be given how close together the islands are. Not surprisingly, the reason involved politics and money. The islands themselves were fantastic. I have so much to say, and I’ll soon have my photos edited and I’ll start posting more about the region. I’m currently in Wisconsin for two more weeks catching up on things and taking care of business that I can only do when I’m here. (Banking, etc.).

My travel plans for the next two months are now pretty set. Here is where I’ll be through the first week in November:”  read more here