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Fido’s Best Friend Is DogTrekker.Com And A Bone

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERADog Trekker is simply the most reliable of dozens if not hundreds of websites devoted to traveling with fido. Most importantly, everything on the site is vetted by not only travel experts but dog experts who are familiar with the local region it covers in California. And most important of all is Kayla, shown here at Nick’s Cove, Marshall, CA, who is better known as K.K. She has traveled the state, and beyond, and given her bark of approval to dog friendly hotels, restaurants, beaches, lakes, wineries, boats, trains, stores, ballparks and much more. She gives her personal approval to her favorite ‘4-paws up’ experiences as determined by her wags/minute and smiles/mile. DogTrekker.com is gearing up for a summer of fun for fido and the website is packed with suggestions for places to go and even tips for staying healthy and avoiding nasties like rattlesnakes.

As the weather warms, rattlesnakes come out of hiding—and sometimes into the path of dogs and their people. Although they are inherently shy and will get out of your (and Fido’s) way if they sense your approach, rattlers strike when provoked, and curious dogs who don’t know the consequences can provoke merely by investigating the source of an unfamiliar smell. Snakebite prevention should be on the mind of anyone who ventures into nature with a dog. If the two of you spend a lot of time hiking or hunting, you may want to check into the benefits of formal aversion training. Rattlesnake aversion training (also called “snake-break” or snake avoidance training) isn’t fun for you or your dog read more: