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Geri Jacobs Reveals How Best to Visit Flanders And Brussels

Geertrui Jacobs on Mercer Street in SohoFlanders is filled with history, incredible buildings and architecture and chocolate. Paul talks with Geri about what makes the norther part of Belgium such an attraction for visitors. Bruge, Ghent and Brussels are all part of the chat. And there is also beer and chocolate and even a hint of chocolate beer. We check the website and found some interesting events this year.

A beer festival in August :Take a city with an age-old brewing tradition and a brew that comes in more than four-hundred guises or flavours. Then take the most beautiful market square in the world and a crowd of bon vivants who – in good Brussels tradition – are always ready to clink glasses. That is what people understand here by a thoroughly enjoyable weekend! Cheers!

An international art exhibition in the Spring: In this first major retrospective exhibition of Belgian Modernism around 1920 for more than twenty years, Belgium’s historical avant-garde will be illustrated through visual and applied art, architecture, typography, photography , films, music ,literature and theatre. Belgian protagonists as Marthe Donas, Jozef Peeters, Jules Schmalzigaug, Victor Servranckx and Georges Vantongerloo will be juxtaposed with foreign contemporaries like Alexander Archipenko, Piet Mondrian, Lászlo Moholy-Nagy and Theo Van Doesburg. For dozens more check out VisitFlanders.US