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Jennifer Dombrowski Found An Island She Doesn’t Want To Leave

Dombrowski 1Jennifer Dombrowski, blogger and global traveler checks in with Paul and  Elizabeth about her recent travels. She and husband Tim spent New Years in Iceland to see the spectacle of bonfire, fireworks, and formal parties. Earlier they visited an island in the Maldives they wanted to stay in forever.  Here’s a great introduction to Jennifers blog:

Best Dozen Posts of 2012

Every now and again, blog post roundups take the travel blogging world by storm. We don’t participate often, but when we were nominated by Women on the Road to share our Best Dozen Posts of 2012, it seemed like a great way to reflect on the last year. Especially since we officially just celebrated our one year blogaversary of the launch of JdombsTravels.com. So here are our Best Dozen Posts of 2012:

1. Most Popular Post

One of the great things about living so close to Venice is discovering all the best festivals that you’ve never heard of. Perhaps that’s why our post on the Festa del Redentore was our most popular post in 2012. I discovered the festival back in 2010 when I spent six month exploring all the off-the-beaten-path towns and festivals in Italy. Venetians are still celebrating the end of the plague in a massive party culminating in a 45-minute long firework display. We now go every year.

2. Most Helpful Travel Tip

After near daily messages from readers, I compiled all my best tips for Easy Ways to Save on Your Next Flight into one post. Tips like when the best time to search for flights, when sales are released, and how to use split fares (one of my favorite ways ever to save BIG) gave the Festa del Rendentore post a run for its’ money.  Read more: