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Hertz Never Lost Travel Apps

Now here’s a great idea. Pair up a rental car company with a dedicated mobil app that covers 11 travel apps that sync with Hertz’ wireless nav system and you have the idea behind these My Explore travel apps. Paul chats with Graham Weedon from Navigation Solutions about the apps and the applications and usefulness they add to the Hertz Never Lost system. The apps allow users to drill down into a city and find the most unique tours – from the “Hangover” tour in Vegas … to the Beatles tour in NYC as well as explore other features of each city from special events to augmented reality, attractions and more.  Plus, Hertz provides help with trip planning by allowing for download codes that can be entered from the phone and into the GPS rental unit for routing to specific places you want to find, as well as an audio feature which shares great sound bites of travel facts and history. The first city download is free and the additional cities are $.99.

City apps include: Dallas-Fort Worth, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami-West Palm, New York, Sacramento-Northern California, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, Boston and Washington, D.C.